Upset today

Yesterday I had to go to walking test in chair hired from Red Cross still waiting for one from hospital had to be there for 9 .I Did 3 mins off oxygen then sats dropped to 82. 6 mins on with 1 sit quick trip to asda and home .The nurse thought my sats where really good when she checked them and started to tell me how to reduce oxygen use before I pointed out I had the oxygen on .last night and today they have been dropping really low does this happen sometimes they where going into 70s I have not gone downstairs yet can't face them so I had hubby bring my holiday suit cases in to bedroom and I have put them in bags for charity The pain under breast crippling me I am listening to 60 s programme on radio to try and take my mind of it sending best wishes to everyone all xx

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  • I hope someone who is on oxygen can help you Time_2_drink as that's not nice for you. Take care and enjoy the radio. Xxxxx

  • Thanks sassy hope so the music is taking me to a better place shame it nearly finished I must pull myself together and try to go downstairs. I'm going to try in a bit xx

  • Hi

    If you are on long term oxygen therapy, your sats should be around 90% or between 88%/92%.

    If your sats are constantly dropping then you need either a increase in LPM. OR education on breathing techniques, pursed lip breathing is one to increase you O2 levels.

    With regard stairs do you not have a stairlift?

    Help and support is available to you to obtain aids to assist you.

  • Thanks stone I don't think that we would be entitled to financial help my husband has works pension I only get a small pension but i reckon they would put it together I have been trying to find out the price of stair lifts on line but they just give the bumf not the price so if anyone knows would be grateful once again thank you

  • Contact social services and ask for an assessment. They will assess for ALL your needs not just about the stairs.

    There may well be other pieces of equipment that would help you that social services will provide.

    Ask for a benefits check to discover if there are any benefits you should be claiming.

    Finally they would look at how much Care your husband gives you. He may well be entitled to a carers assessment which could be useful to you.

  • Hi

    You may be entitled to a grant.

    They will also do full assessment.

  • Hope things get better for you soon enjoy listening to your musicxxx

  • Thanks I have eventually got out of my pit I've just got myself into a bit of a state I.Really don't know how people cope I try not to think of the future but I find it so hard even when my hubby asleep I keep touching him to see if he still breathing i wish with all my heart I had stopped smoking years ago left it to late hope you don't mind me moaning on I hope today is not to bad for you xx

  • You sound very depressed, T2d, have you spoken to your GP about all these negative feelings? You don't need me to tell you, there's no point in wishing what you can't change. All any of us can do is make the best of the situation we find ourselves in, but when we're depressed, everything seems impossible.

  • Thank you yes you are right Iam depressed GP knows I take Mitrazapan so who knows what I would be like without everything seems so bleak .I could maybe cope better if I could get rid of my horrid pain under breast and sweats and chills Doc knows about these sorry to be a baby I wish you a peaceful night xx

  • It seems you might need something else to help with your depression. A relative of mine takes two antidepressants, ie 45mg mirtazapine AND 40mg fluoxetine. I'm not suggesting those would be right for you, but if what you're taking now isn't helping, there are other options. Goodnight T2D.

  • Does your hospital not run a patient transport service .... ASK they will pick you up and return you, although sometimes it can mean a wait, but most hospitals have somewhere to get a cuppa to pass the time xx Do you know why you have the pain under breast ?? xx

  • I have told the doctor never gave me a answer other than could be muscular respiratory nurse said it could be my diaphragm .Doctor gave me coedine then orapharm just 1script don't like taking orapharm because I won't be given another script so don't want to get used to it ,They never give explanation for chills and sweats .I have put my oxygen up 1 for a bit and stayed in bed only slept 3hours hubby brought me some porridge up my sats where going into low 70 s just laying in bed xx

  • I have oxygen but it has to be 15-20/24 which some days is hard as I still have chores to do and family to tend to bills to pay and shopping to do so in my 'slot' I do what I can then sit and 'tube up' as I call it..... try not to walk around indoors much as falling over the tube which is soooooo very long could be nasty as I have worn hips which cannot be fixed so don't want to break one for sure !! ....How long do you have the oxygen for, maybe you need continuous like I do .... COPD/maybe bad Asthma ...they haven't decided yet!! and 1 lung, but hey ho here to annoy the kids for longer..I do think a positive attitude is the top need for any COPD sufferer or depression can set in they say. I asked about the pain under breasts cos that is what I get when my gall stones are acting up, so it might be worth getting them checked out. Chin up and enjoy your music xx

  • Dear Time_2_drink , all people are different and everyone can find it difficult to just accept the changes in their lives due to COPD or other lung illnesses. I suffer with COPD and like you I need oxygen, 24/7 now(last Spiro test just last week along with blood gasses etc etc)and if I'm honest and look back at the various stages of things getting worse,I went through real depression,panic attacks which left me virtually Aggrophobic and needing my son to help care for me. My anxiety levels were hitting the roof and life was (for me and my son although he'd never say so,bless him. ) miserable. However,the reason I'm telling you my story is to tell you,we are all different and no matter how bad,gloomy,sad it all appears and no matter how mad,angry and complacent we will feel, we will generally live to see tomorrow, our nearest and dearest dont give up on us BUT we just somehow manage to get by,day by day and then one day its a little bit easier. I had to be able to accept my life had changed-so get on with it,do the best I can on the days that I am able and I now, the majority of the time, look forward to the future. There are people so less fortunate than us. I've read books,watched videos,listened to renowned Doctors but it is HERE I made friends and got first hand advice. For that I am always very grateful.

    Sorry for the auto biography!!!, just thought it may help?

  • I'm sorry to but in again but could you please give me a idea how long it took you to get a more positive attitude I agree with you site is great

  • Thank you so much for your reply I hope that one day I can have your attitude and learn to live a life .I have forced myself to come downstairs i been getting panic attacks about them and to scared to do anything when I haven't got pain like you were I think I getting agrophobia not yet got chair from doctors so had to hire one from Red Cross to use for respiratory test and I trip to a shop first time out since December except for trip to A@e ..I even found myself pleased weather to bad to be took out .I also find myself leaning over hubby on night to make sure he breathing the fear of him going first is crippling me and I can't get past it .I am going to try better and do something when I can in the house because just sitting and lying in bed is causing havoc I hope you get out now I just need confidence but like many know it so hard to sit in a wheelchair on oxygen thank you so much hope I haven't gone on to much

  • No you've not gone on at all T2D. Everybody is different and circumstances play a big part too. What may have taken me months to do,took you only the delay in getting your chair and oxygen and you gave it a go. I took far longer for whatever reasons I'd created lol. Other things may be different for other people and so on...

    One thing is certain,stress,panic,fear can't rule our lives and its a process some of us go through. Be careful which sites you choose to use for information but learn as much as you can about your condition. When you see your medical people you can ask questions that really matter to you. I hope this helps in some small way and try meditation (yes,I poo pooed it before) on U Tube or similar,relax and try and get a few hours of better quality sleep. That makes all the difference! x

  • Thanks once again yes for 3 month nearly I was thinking of all places we could go when I had ambultory oxygen and chair still waiting on that had yo hire then when got it to scared to use it i think I was imagining the me without oxygen going out not the person I am now

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