Blue Badge Renewal

Well if it's not one thing it's another, really not in the mood for it just now. Have had my telephone interview a couple of weeks ago now for renewal of my blue badge this being my second renewal so had it for 6 years already sent off all the paper work, they now decide I must go for physical accessment so when you tell them you can't walk far or any great distance they obviously don't believe you grrrrrrrrr another grumpy day.

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  • It's not nice for you but l am sure they will see how deserving of the Blue Badge you are. Good luck to you. Xxxxx

  • Know how ya feel i had same .. but think rules have changed with that too.

    Since when as renewal been making application.

    So had to send all my pip sh##% off and sent em great picture of me sporting my cannibal hair style in my holly vest.

  • Thanks for your reply they really just like to see us beg don't they really Gets up my nose but we have to go down there and smile and say Thankyou very much. Keep Well

  • Not sure i would thank em .. Told em and pointed out issues with there website and there criteria.

    The do make it up as go along WHEN its suits can change law in few hours.

    If waz not sick would make you :o

  • hope all goes well for you ,

  • Thankyou it's not until March 29th so plenty of time for me to stew.😬

  • I'm with you there Ef0lumps4 I've got a Blue Badge renewal in a few months and I had to literally struggle on foot in front of the other (I was at my worst ever just then)and prove I had severe mobility issues. You'd think they would look at our illness and understand we aren't getting any better with time.

    I wish you lots of luck.

  • Yes one has to wonder if they have any medical knowledge at all, after we supply all our medical documents prescriptions they want to watch us struggle just to make sure. 😬

  • Hi there, good luck with the blue badge, personally I think it is a lot of work to get a blue badge & issue them for such a small but important concession for many.

  • I had a nightmare the time before as they wanted me to have an assement but it was 2 months after my badge ran out. After a lot of Phone calls it turned out I did not need to go the letter should of gone to someone else?

    However when I went for a disability bus pass they refused me as "I did not look ill enough!" But once I showed them all the medical letters from the differant consultants they apologised and issued it.

  • Hi Offcut love the name, Gosh seems these people are not exactly great at their jobs I don't think they understand the stress they can cause. Getting an apology was quite something and rightly so.

    If I get this renewal shall not look forward to the next renewal they will have us doing cartwheels Keep and thanks for the reply.

  • Name comes from my old CB Handle :) I have just done my blue badge too and it would be better for all if they just ask if anything has changed rather than go though torment of discussing your worst moments in life!

    But they seem to change every year to make it ore difficult like the old DLA was 50 meteres but it is now 20 metres. But the government disability building regs state disabled parking must be no more than 50 metres to allow people to get into government buldings?

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