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Fev1 73%

Well seem COPD nurse SO was hoping to grill her about blood test had done.

Haematology .. FBC

Biochemistry - Bone, U&E & EGFR, Ferritin, Magnesium, B12/ Folate, Cholesterol, Glucose ( fasting ) LFT, Thuroid Function Test, Vitamin D Metabolites.

To name a few ... i was quit looking forward to results as been so ill SO could start feeling better Reciving treatment if out found .

Only to be delt a blow and told O the computors not working and i cant log on.

Do they know me that well :o

Like really SO i guess all have to talk about my FEV1 73% that on appearance looks great THAT i surspect is bull really

As i cant see how that can give you good indecation of whats going on in lungs unless its just obstructive restrictive messermeant.

To find out whats going on in our lung am sure we need regular oxygen co2 defusing test.

But we dont GET them often why :o

Measurement of diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide (DLCO), also known as transfer factor, is the second most important pulmonary function test (PFT), after spirometry. Previously available only in hospital-based PFT labs, DLCO testing is now available at outpatient clinics using a portable device. Compared to spirometry tests, assessments with these devices require very little effort. The patient breathes quietly, inhales the test gas, holds the breath for ten seconds, and then exhales. In adult smokers with post-bronchodilator airway obstruction, a low DLCO greatly increases the probability of the emphysema phenotype of COPD due to cigarette smoking, while a normal DLCO makes chronic asthma more likely. In patients with spirometric restriction (a low FVC with a normal FEV1/FVC), a low DLCO increases the pre-test probability of an interstitial lung disease (ILD), while a normal DLCO makes a chest wall type of restriction more likely. A normal TLC (VA from the single-breath helium dilution provided by a DLCO test) rules out restriction of lung volumes without the need for a body box measurement. In patients with dyspnea of unknown cause, the pattern of a low DLCO with normal spirometry increases the likelihood of pulmonary vascular disease, but this pattern also occurs with several other diseases such as a mild ILD. Once a diagnosis is made, the percent predicted DLCO provides an objective index of disease severity and prognosis. A DLCO below 40% predicted, or a decline in DLCO of more than 4 units, is associated with increased morbidity and mortality.

My copd nurse never told me all that a guess thats why spiromity fev is all bit wishy washey when you ask for answers.

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Well Jeff sounds like you know all about the technical side of breathing illness, have to say I went through all the tests at the hospital before being treated for COPD. I also went on a reasearch project too but still know very little about readings or what the machinery is I am learning from you . And my practice nurse said I did not have COPD my readings were too good, of course that is with three inhalers and I still cough on these tests, especially in the winter. COPD and asthma can only be defined by specific tests as I understand. Hope you are feeling a little better today and keep up the interesting posts it helps keep the mind active , enjoy your day.


Hi Katie Cheers all i know is i should ask what my delco nummbers are too.

Glad you find my post intresting tho and dose relive bordom.


Good morning Jeff, hope your enjoying start of a new weekend. I've just spent most of the last two days with doctors. Had a fall on Thursday needed extra painkillers and an xray at hospital. But you know what A&E is like for waiting, I did well only around four hours from leaving home to getting back. No breaks just internal bruising and soft tissue damage. Then I spent most of yesterday morning at GPs now I have got four more tablets to take plus they want me to take statins read the side effects and advice not good for over 65s or my other health conditions so they will be getting a big fat NO , as my Cholestrol is low enough for my age. How you feeling today?, Some one will be thinking I am a junky before long. Any storm damage at your house, my gutter has come loose only a minor repair needed any DIY could do it even my self if I had not fell. Part of the adjoining fence with neighbour came down too but neighbour has replaced it.


I don't think Pete knows any of his readings JAS. Maybe he prefers it that way. I do admire your determination and diligence so you keep going, they can't keep a good man down. Xxxxxx


Hi Sassy i think pete as right idea really.

I only know what my bs fev1 nummber is but i don't know what my gas deffusing one is.

Funny that :o but is one going to fix

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You know more than me on test results and meanings.

When I had my pre-diagnosis Spiro at the hospital, I was still a smoker. The consultant was looking for lung complications caused by my Autoimmune disease.

Copd was not mentioned at the time and he just wrote that I have a severe reduction in my gas exchange reading 89%.

I thought that was out of 100% and wasn't that bad and it was another three years before my COPD diagnosis in 2012.

At my last Spiro, the nurse was very vague but she said something was only 88% but they will keep an eye on it. I can only assume that this is the gas exchange mentioned by the consultant. I quit smoking in Feb 2014 and it obviously hasn't improved.

I'm afraid I'm not as brave as you JAS, I only want to know something if it is good news. I worry to much. xx


Hi Casper AM far from brave BUT is all dutch to me to.

But i think we should have our gas transfer checked offten


Hidden always an interesting read. I'm questioning my DCLO with my Consultant after reading your post. Most of it is still a bit of a mystery to me but I'm learning about it all slowly but surely. Thanks again and trust your Dad is doing well.

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Hi Squirrelsholt cheers am going to question my lung doc about blue cells then ask about my delco nummbers as am sure thats better indication than fev1.

An thanks dads doing well eating drinking better BUT he still has is moments.

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