weed Fall out in wiltshire

I hope home secretary Amber Rudd & the police force feel real good about the "Medicinal Marijuana" bust at the bunker in Wiltshire which i'm sure lots of you people must have seen. What i can not understand is three quarters of COPD patients are related to a legal cancerous drug called TOBACCO & still remains legal (my father died of copd & tobacco was the start of it!) And if you read about Professor John Henry on Mail On Line Health about hes propaganda views on cannabis than you know why the UK can not move forward. A lot of people could have used that Marijuana for their pains & illnesses. Check these 2 things out! i'm out of here for now. google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j... google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j... FORGET MONEY!! WHY ARE WE AS PEOPLE ALLOWING THIS EVIL DRUG TO CARRY ON BEING LEGAL!!!

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  • Because the Govt gets billions in taxes from it every year?

  • The NHS are trialling CBD for chronic pain. It is going to be called a something pen. So far, results are good.

    Another trial is being done for edible and vaping CBD for COPD and another lung disease, forgot which one.

    The government also announced a few weeks ago that all companies producing CBD products can apply for a licence.

    The cat is out of the bag regarding Cannabis and it's many uses.

    They will never relax the law on it because it's too easy for any Tom, Dick or Harry to grow, which means, they can't tax it.

    The Pharmaceuticals and the government want to make sure they are still pushing their expensive, so called, legal medication on us.

    I couldn't believe the price somone paid for a 20 packet of cigs the other day.

    The government say it's to help people stop smoking, rubbish, putting the price up won't stop hardened smokers, if they don't want to stop.

    No, they've hiked the price up so much to cover their losses, since so many people are quitting smoking. xx

  • I know what you say is right casper99, there are a lot of EU countries recently, Spain being one of many that has a open its doors for medicinal & recreational purposes. Its just the more you might know the answer the more they make you the fool. Don't forget casper99 little brother's watching for any good it will do. X

  • Hi

    CBD is freely available for sale in U.K.

    What the Government don't advocate, is the uncontrolled growing of Marijuana.

    You mentioned the bust of ' medical Marijuana' which only comes from the female plant.

    It's was a forced grown plant used for personal greed and wealth by the criminal gangs that prey on people with an addiction to the cannabis high associated with Marijuana, in no way where they intending to go through the lengthy and costly process to produce a product for medical purposes with limited profit.

  • Well as you know Male plants don't really have much THC content to talk about & seeing that there are roughly 113 Cannabinoids (& 84 are medicinal) that have to normally but not always interact with each other which is known as the "entourage effect which i'm sure you have heard of, (its the female we are looking for) to benefit from which medicinal effect you are wanting from which cannabinoid that is required it might not have anything to to do with CBD, like THC, CBN was effective at lowering the ocular pressure in glaucoma patients - did you not read my post stone? As for the government, did you know that Tobacco companies have licenses already in place in case of some change of law if it would be DecrimInalized or legalized. SICK. Pharmaceutical companies are not going to allow the government to allow ordinary people to grow a few plants for their own benefit so they don't have to pay £8.40 a time for cheap chemical products that aren't going to work anyway! And there are a lot of sick people out there that do grow their own plants for their sickness whether its MS or whatever they may have. What you you think is everyone has hoodies, scores 2o bags, goes home & bongs it in one hit, with other drugs that could be hanging about as well - Fortunately stone overall there's more to it then you can see. p.s. Remember what the government did to professor David John Nutt. p.p.s. if there was a change in the law where you could grow your own plants with out living in fear of the old bill breaking your door down, than there would be no bunker loads of marijuana because there would be no need to buy it because you would have the best for FREE!!

  • You need THC for COPD. That is the only one that helps.

  • High ol-ly11 Yes Delta 9 is very special for sure. XX

  • Yes, I have also read that CBD needs THC to release it's potential to ease pain.

    Also, THC is the one that fights inflammation in the body and inflammation is a major cause of many illnesses. Steroids fight inflammation, but, look at the damage they do.

    I've also heard that these gangs of Cannabis growers are spraying the plants with Cocaine ect... to snare teenagers into addiction.

    Decriminalising it and allowing it to be grown for medical use would eliminate the greedy pushers by putting them out of business.

    While cigarettes and alchohol are still allowed to be bought legally, dispite all the misery they have and are causing, to millions of people,/ proves beyond a doubt that the government are not at all concerned about our health. If they were, they would criminalise cigarettes and alcohol. The two most devastating legal addictions.

    But that will never happen. They are all about the money. xx

  • casper99 you are so right & thanks for taking time for replying. i would talk more but feel a little unwell this evening. Some sleep hopefully should do it. XX

  • I hope you feel better after a good nights sleep JS59, xx

  • Yes casper99 feeling better just a bit drained. Nothing i can't deal with. XX

  • Good to hear JS xx

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