Docs done and dusted

Docs appointment went ok, found it hard work getting there not been out for a couple of weeks did I huff and puff getting in and out the car the wind almost blew me away. The surgery waiting room was almost empty what a miracle but still had to wait a good half hour I think they were having a tea party. But got my referral or rather awaiting the letter for rehab course so not sure of the location or clinic yet, it was a strange appointment I did all the talking he just agreed with me with mmm yes mmm I did get quite a lot said had a good grump he didn't say much at all maybe my face said it all he decided to just leave it to the referral clinic I suppose if your not an expert in the field then yes pass it on. So fingers crossed I shall soon be getting out and about at least therefore my grumpy self will get her smile back. Will let you know how the rehab goes when I get to put it to the test. Thanks all for listening. X

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  • You will love rehab, at least nearly everyone does. The insight into exercise and the education on relevant subjects is fantastic. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  • Thanks hope they are soon intouch everyone on here is so supportive hope I get the same from the rehab team.

  • Well done! I'm sure that you won't regret it. I loved it and it worked wonders for me.....and I learned a lot. Good luck. XXX

  • Thanks fingers crossed it's soon. X

  • Hi Eff, have done the pulmonary rehab a few times now & cannot recommend it highly enough. In fact, I did my 4th class of this course today & can feel a real difference already - all helps to make you feel more in control of your own body, as you feel yourself get stronger. Good luck to you I'm sure you'll love it 😁🌻

  • Thanks so much for the encouragement I hope it does the trick as I feel I have been brushed under the carpet for too long now. X

  • You go for it; I have been twice & it really did me good. Given the problems I have had for the last 9 months or so; I may see if I can go again this year. X

  • Thanks scorpiolass I sure I shall enjoy it. X

  • I hope you have more luck with your appointment than me....I waited over a year for an appointment then I got a letter Tuesday just attend on the Thursday (2 days later) ...I couldn't go as I need help to get there, either a lift or someone to go on the bus with me and it was too short notice. I tried to ring to cancel the appointment and hopefully re-book it but all I got was an let's see if anyone gets back to me or I might have to wait another year 😔😔

  • That is terrible to have to wait so long sometimes the system really doesn't work as it should these people need a good shake up sometimes to treat people in such a manner. I do hope you hear from them soon let us know how you get on. X

  • I hope you get another appointment soon all this waiting and wondering are things that you could do without good luck xx

  • Hi Efolumps

    Well done for getting on pulmonary rehabilitation it really is a wonderful way of learning lots about and dealing with our problems ,you will be advised on medication and activity and acessment .

    Please make the most of it as it is a huge opportunity to feel the benefit now and get advice on future activity

    Good luck and best wishes


  • Thankyou I am looking forward to the course and the support that will come with, have been pretty worried so will be good to have a positive outlook think it's what I need. 😊

  • Thanks for reply Efolumps

    From what you say you have exactly the right attitude in readiness for your PR well done for that.

    It will help you with a positive outlook and make life seem much brighter, and as mrsmummy says nearly everyone feels the benefits.

    Very pleased for you


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