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Hi my son keeps asking what I want for my birthday 2weeks time I said just get me some flowers then he said mam why don't you wear make up anymore I think my naked face frightens him lol I know I do look rough so I thought to keep him quiet I'd ask for some make up and face cream suitable to use on oxygen and maybe one day put it on .What I would like to know is what is suitable I know it has to be water based but would love it if any suggestions so I could tell him thanks x

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  • Hi I'm sorry I can't help T2D but am sure others will be in soon who can. Hope you are ok? Bev x

  • Better than yesterday thanks hope you a bit better after your hospital visit xx

  • Hi t2d, I'm jumping on ur post for answers/advice, as a new starter to oxygen ( 3 months now ) I too don't wear a lot of make up anymore, more for the fact I can't be bothered, but I'm interested in face creams and what I could wear if I decided to look alive 😂😂xx sonia xx

  • That's how I feel if I could be bothered but I admit would love to look a bit more like me again and I also need to start looking after my skin face especially feel like l need a paper bag most of time .I think him indoors would be pleased to I honestly don't reconise myself by the way new to oxygen to December .Bedt wishes xx


  • That's the problem I don't and now got loan of wheelchair and going out oxygen when I feel ok hubby wants me to go out for a couple of hours

  • For a face cream the brand Aveeno make a daily moisturiser that is suitable for oxygen users and it is reasonably priced so I use it as a body lotion as well as I think moisturiser on your body has to be ok as well, most supermarkets stock it now or amazon do. I use a wash off cleaner by liz earle cos it suits my skin and you wash it off. Don't use make up now sorry.


  • Thanks I will have a look for it good tip to use on body to .

  • Ps my face definitely needs some nourishment will probably need full pot

  • Awww, how old is your son, T2d? I expect he wants his mum looking as "normal" as possible. I nearly always) wear makeup & do my hair. Even in hospital, once I'm feeling better. It makes me feel more in control. I also put on a bright voice. I find doctors take you more seriously the less you look like a patient (no idea if that's true of course!) I absolutely hate having health problems & am damned if I'm going to feel like a victim of them, & make up helps avoid that. I can't say which brands are best, as I'm not on O2, but I say, go for it :)

  • wonderful attitude and post MmeT

  • Can I ask why face cream and/or make up has to be different from "normal" stuff when you are on oxygen please

  • Anyone using oxygen must avoid oil/paraffin based creams and make-up and instead choose water based. This is because mixing oxygen with oils/paraffin can present a fire risk. It should have been explained in literature received from the oxygen company.

  • I was just going to ask the same question as alvorite. My daughter has been on oxygen over 2 years niw and uses normal make up when she goes out.

    I never heard you have to use special stuff before.

  • Please see above.

  • A good moisturising face cream is a must with SPF 15 or more, skin feels much better with daily use. I use Q10 by Nivea but to be honest not sure if this is safe with oxygen. Why not give the BLF a ring and ask advice.

  • Thanks when I was in hospital at Xmas was given some Nivea lotion by father Xmas but when I looked it had petroleum I it x

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