NHS working well with my case, part 2.

After all the bad reports in the media about the NHS teetering on the edge of collapse, I feel like royalty. Follow-up CT Scan last week (Mon 13th). Saw the consultant Tues this week, now diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension too. There was also something else showing up, not seen on my previous scan, "of some concern" he said "I'll order a PET Scan if you are in agreement". Phone call this afternoon from Alliance Medical, my PET Scan is booked for 2 days time, this Friday.

My daughter had a Glow Bug when she was very young, now she's going to have a Glow Dad, well for 8 hrs after anyway. :)

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  • Glad your consultant is on the ball, 2greys, it gives you confidence when you feel you're being properly looked after 😊

  • That was quick work 2greys and thinking of you for Friday. Xxxx

  • Dear 2greys so sorry to learn you too have PAH- it is another complication to all our other illnesses! However, what is good to learn is that you are receiving 1st class attention from your Consultant and that on Friday after your PET scan,you may be a bit wiser as to what is going on. I've only ever had excellent treatment from our NHS - its my Doctors surgery that draws the short straw.

    Wishing you a good an outcome possible on Friday.

  • Sending best wishes to you for Friday

  • Hope all goes well on Friday - good to hear you're being well taken care of :)

  • Can I just say the NHS is struggling especially with beds and staffing but there quality of care is generally good

    Have you watched a programme on BBC2 called 'hospital'? which shows the struggles the NHS is being put through

    I'm glad your being treated well

    I'm going for a lung function test and maybe a chest x ray next Wednesday up at my local hospital to see what my lungs are doing atm

  • I didn't mean to sound mean at the start

    Apologies if I did sound mean

  • No apology needed. I have not seen the program, we do not watch broadcast TV anymore. But regardless, I cannot fault my treatment at Southampton General Hospital. Since the initial wait at A&E prior to my COPD diagnosis I have received outstanding treatment all the way through so far.

  • Ah good I'm glad you are very cared for

    Take care

  • So sorry to hear of your diagnosis, I hope all goes well Friday

  • Hi nitespeller, how are you doing, has your infection cleared yet so you can have your hip seen too?

  • Doing pretty good. Hips are good just problems with the squishy bits in between/ Going tomorrow for new pulmonary function test , xrays an arterial blood gas , then back to meet the new pulmonologist on Friday who will decide if I can have the surgery,

  • Wow 😲 your getting sorted out quick like me too. Good to hear.

  • Where do you live? I am moving there. Glad at least 1 of us is getting great treatment. x

  • No you don't want to live here, the pollution is terrible in Southampton sometimes and in the line of fire from Fawley Refinery in the prevailing SW winds.

    The General is a University Hospital (teaching hospital) and you always get a straight answer to any questions because they are used to it with their students.

  • Wishing you the best of luck with the appointment tomorrow.

    Take care. Pam XXX

  • Hi I was taken to hospital 3 weeks ago from my doctors surgery. The ambalance came in 10 mins , when I got there I was taken straight into cubical and seen within 5 mins by 2 doctors and had all tests done within a hour. I was put into a bed. My husband was walking around getting drinks and said there was no one in waiting room and it was 12am on a Friday night. I was out in the morning with a bag of meds. I see a consultant Monday. And this was the John Radcliffe Oxford !!! I could not have got better treatment. Xx

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