Just found out

Just found out

I'm 59 just found out that I'm pre emphysema . I was on site that were talking about longevity and I was scared but reading these post really help me out.. I smoked when I was seventeen for a couple of years that was it . I think I got mine from pneumonia since I was in my twenties always getting pneumonia year after year well it left a lot of scarring that is how I think I got mine. Thanks to every one posting I feel I just might see my grandchildren grow up. I had a good cry today now its time to do what I need to do.

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  • You will be looked after on this site

    Take care


  • You'll get a lot of good advice from people on this site I have stage 3 emphysema and am 44 and everyone's been great to me.All the best Dorothy.

  • Hi clamdigger! From what I've read, it would be unlikely to develop emphysema 40yrs after giving up smoking, so you're probably right about the pneumonia. Has your diagnosis been confirmed by CT scan?

  • I had a CT Scan done just got back the results but I grew up when mother's smoked in the car and in the homes. The bars every one smoked all my family so back then even remember the Dr smoking in his office...My friend ended up with COPD never smoked .. Those were the times so it must of been from everything I was exposed to.. Plus I paint and that could of added to it paint fumes from oils.....

  • Good to see you Clamdigger and your strength and determination are brilliant. So pleased you found us on here. Xxxxx

  • Welcome to you Clamdigger (loving the name!) This is without doubt the site where you will be given first hand advice from folk who have experienced what you are/might be going through. So ask away. Anything,anytime you'll usually get a reply.

    Looking forward to getting to know you.

  • Welcome to the site Clamdigger :) x

  • Good on you. It's always scary getting a diagnosis like that. I am sure you will live to a healthy old age. x

  • Welcome Clamdigger . So glad you are here. This is a great site for support. Keeping active and eating healthily will help us live longer. I am sure you will see your lovely grandchildren grow up.

    Sending you much best wishes.

    Cas xx 🌞🌺

  • Hello and welcome Clamdigger

  • I like you was told I am pre Emphysema. Apparently my lungs are over large. I am also asthmatic. It scared me at first but I've got used to the idea now. I smoked a little like you. The most ever was about ten a day. That was only for about a year. My Husband smoked though and before it was known to be bad for you he smoked in the house.

  • How long have you had pre emphysema

  • I'm not really sure. It must be about three or four years at a guess. It's not turned into anything nasty so I never think about it. How is yours? To be quite honest I was a bit cross when the Dr told me because I didn't need to know unless it started to cause me problems.

  • We are lucky we found out we are pre emphysema we have a better chance. We can protect ourselves and prolong stage one. I have been battling with the Dr I told her that something else was going on for the pass five years. The Dr's at the hospital kept saying it dosn't sound like you have asthma you should quite smoking. I would get in trouble from the asthma clinc because they would get a notice that I was at the hospital in emergency they told me I wasn't taking care of my asthma ....I keep saying something else was wrong but the idiot Dr wouldn't send me for further testing ..I have a new Dr she send me for a CT scan and I just found out. I have scarring on my lungs from lung infections a lump plus enlarged alveoli plus ground glass.. I was so annoyed when I found out because I knew something was wrong. Now that I know I can protect myself that is the good part. Plus my first testing I went through said I had COPD but the nurse said it was a false reading she went against the what the testing said and the write up.... Knowledge about this will help us from getting worse quickly.......

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