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Thank You for your support. Test results are in.

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Please forgive me now as my brain in in a fog and too much information to over load the brain. I had a bone biopsy Feb 7th and lung biopsy on the 13th and got my results today. Have you ever been knock out and water thrown in your face and knock out again and not understanding why it is being done to you. Does everyone respond the same way to cancer?. Is anyone on medication that they have to be on for the rest of their lives?. Would you have a port put in because your veins are no good?. Have surgery.being told these medications are toxin to your body. What steps would you take.? Would you just forget it? How do you know which way to turn?

I found out that I have Melanoma cancer in my left lung. I cried, my doctor talked about surgery, medicine for the rest of my life, I know have to have a MRI on my brain to make sure it didn't spread to my brain. Has anyone ever had Melanoma in their lung. I am so confused and feel I am being rushed. Someone please help. I am terribly lost...Danna

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I feel so sorry for you and wish I could hug you ,we are all here for you take care

Dororhy xx

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Danna in reply to newlands

Thank you Dorthy. I am a fighter, I guess I don't need people to feel sorry for me, just help me to understand why. Am I taking right steps and help me with what I should be asking .

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newlands in reply to Danna

You are taking the right steps ask anything we might not have the answer but you can try


Danna, this must have come as a horrible shock to you, no wonder you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

You need to have your doctor or consultant, sit down with you and discuss all your options, in a clear, unhurried fashion. Write down all the questions you want to ask and bring someone with you to the consultation. Two heads are better then one in these situations and having someone with you, will mean moral support when you need it.

You could ring the BLF Helpline and discuss all of this with their trained staff. The number is 03000 030 555 and they are open office hours.

I hope you get support from your medical team and family and of course, we are all here to support you too.

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Danna in reply to

Thank You Jenna

What a kick in the teeth for you Danna. I hope that with guidance and support you can make the right decisions. I just want to send lots of love to you and to let you know how much we all care. Xxxxx

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Danna in reply to sassy59

Thank you Sassy it was. I need to take a couple of days and research it and then send my doctor E-mails asking questions

I'm so sorry Danna, I hope things become clearer for you and you can work with the health professionals in dealing with everything.

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Danna in reply to Bronagh2015

Thank you.

Dear Danna its not great to be bombarded with so much information concerning your health,especially when its of the sort you really didn't need or expect to hear.

You've had some solid advice from others here and its definitely better to talk to your Consultant when somebody's with you and you must take it as an opportunity to ask as much as possible.

Being diagnosed is always the worst and I'm hoping that you have family/friends around you,who can support you.

Please do keep in touch. We are always here,for a cry,a laugh,a moan or a question!

Take care.

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Danna in reply to SquirrelsHolt

Thank you SquirrelsHolt, Just call this post a nut out of place. It needs to go back in it.s shell.

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Danna in reply to Danna


I was with my doctor for almost 2 hours. She said that I would have to have surgery and then on these medications. I can handle the surgery as they do it a different way, I am already on RA meds and now cancer meds and the side effects is the hard part.

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SquirrelsHolt in reply to Danna

No,don't ever feel you can't put down in text just what you are thinking about. Lots if us on here are on many medications for the rest of our lives too. Being able to discuss absolutely anything on here really can help and I'm hoping you'll find that too.x

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Danna in reply to SquirrelsHolt


I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis Danna and can totally understand your reaction to the news. I was diagnosed with squamous lung cancer in Jan 2013 and went through a similar time of shock and fear - nothing the doctors said seemed to go in and it just felt that there couldn't be anything good that would happen, I could only imagine bad things. But, as time went on I asked questions and wrote down the answers so I wouldn't forget what was said, I listened to the doctors advice about the best treatment for me and I gradually came to terms with it all and trusted that the doctors knew what they were doing. Whatever you do, don't google - there is some scary stuff out there - ask the doctors any questions that you might have and if you're unsure what their answers mean, ask them to explain so that you can understand. Wishing you all the very best for the future xx

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Danna in reply to Jaynair

Thank you Jaynair,

I have had melanoma before on my arm. I looked up the side effects of the medications.

Dear Danna, I deeply sympathise with you. Did the bone biospy reveal anything? I would suggest you ask them to be absolutely clear about the side effects of chemo. If one is causing nasty side effects, they can try a different sort. Someone I know had Lung cancer last year. Stage 1. The first bout of chemo was awful, so it was changed to another type and it worked. She got the all clear. You need to be informed about your quality of life should you be offered chemo.

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Danna in reply to Azure_Sky

Dear Azure_Sky,

The medication they want to put me on is Ipilimumab it says IV 4 doses for 3 weeks and Nivolumab IV 3 weeks x 4 and then 2 weeks until toxicity or progression. We will do an MRI to make sure the melanoma didn't spread to my brain. My bone biopsy came back abnormal with needing more testing. They have a name for it, but I need to go into another room and to get it and my husband is sleeping and I don't want to wake him. It is 3 am here. These two medications here have very bad side effects and with RA and those medications I don't want to have to add to the sickness. First thing I need to do is find out the staging of the melanoma, Then go from there....Danna

I so feel for you, and hope that you are able to make sense of it all and that all goes well. Thinking of you xx

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Danna in reply to Carnival567

Thank you Carnival. Right now I think taking it one day at a time will be the best way for me to go....Danna

Danna l don't really know what to say to someone that has had such an overload of information, concerning their health and future to take in. I would love to give you a massive hug right now. I will say though that this site is wonderful, I don't often write posts, but read most of them and the support and advice given on here is caring, and extremely helpful. We are with you with you on your journey with ears and arms open whenever you need us. Take care xx


Hello Danna .

I am so very sorry for the news you received. It is an awful lot to take in. I can't imagine all you must be going through. You must be very frightened.

I hope you have competent medical team with whom you can discuss all your treatment options. It is important to have open lines of communication. I am sure your family will rally around you during this very difficult time. Remember that you are very dear to them and they are right there with you.

Please keep us updated on your progress. Sending you a big *HUG*.

Cas xx 🌹

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Danna in reply to Caspiana

Good morning Cas you are right. I need to write my health team doctors. Having melanoma on your skin is one thing having it in your lung is another. Every time I get an RA treatment I end up with some new thing. The last two times has been cancer. So now I have to write to my Pulmonoligist, Dermatologist, and Rheumatologist to see what part if any in this. I know I still have to have my skin checked every three months. Thanks for the hug and have a wonderful day,,,Danna

I know it's hard, don't throw inn the towel just yet. So many new advanced meds are out there your Dr. Is probably on the tract wanting to know all test to counter attack. Hold thought head up you are strong this just seems like a losing game you make it a battle and be a winner. Prayers are for u Robert

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