Survey for people in North West and North England regions


The BLF are looking to improve services in the North and North West of England by supporting the set-up of singing and exercise groups. If you live in these two regions, please could you spare 10mins to fill in this questionnaire:

All answers will be anonymous and will be used by the BLF to plan and provide improved services for people living with a lung condition.

Thank you.


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Oh dear always a long way from me in the South West! Everything is either oop north or in London. I don't think anyone realises there is life in the south beyond London! x

Morning coughalot2 , We'll continue to support services across the whole of the UK, however, if we are successful in establishing these programmes in the North and North West of England we can use those learnings to help apply for more funding to support the start-up of services across other areas.

We'll post details on here as and when we have anything coming up! :-)

Thanks ,


Done :)

Thank you Jaynair :-)


Thanks very much for your help, Ergendl :-)

👍Done 🎶

Thanks a lot PteW43 :-)


Thanks Don-1931version !




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