Down in the dumps

Hi all, havnt posted for awhile but have been reading all the post. Have been really down in the dumps and dragging myself around the house think it's the winter blues. I have a docs appointment tomorrow to see if he can help I see the specialist once a year for my spirometry test last one was September and down to 20% lung function feels a lot less at the moment just feel I need a little more support than a ten minute slot once a year so doc may get his ear bent a little tomorrow the mood I am in. Having said that what can you say in ten minutes. I know I am depressed and usually pick up a little this time of year knowing spring is on the way but may need some help other half convinced I must now need oxygen but I have a little oximetre and readings vary the lowest being 83 and highest around 94 usually around 89 91 most times I check. Have thought about asking doc for referral for rehab exercise course but am so unmotivated. Sorry to drone on any thoughts my lovely friends.x

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  • Hi and sorry to hear you are feeling so down. It usually helps to vent on here so never apologise for feeling like this and posting about it. We are all ears and happy to listen and commiserate with you. We all need to do it sometimes.

    Why don't you ask for a double appointment at the doctors? Or even a treble one if you feel you need it. With such a low lung function you should be getting a lot more help so don't forget to ask for it. I hope you are feeling more like yourself very soon. Hugs Bev xx

  • Thanks Bev for the reply it helps talking to people going through the same and hearing the suggestions they point out. Think a rehab course may be the answer would at least get me out of the house.

  • Sounds like a plan! Mine did me loads of good and it did help to lift my mood. As you say, it's nice to get out and do something different. Go for it! Hope you're feeling much happier very soon.

    Take care. Pam XXX

  • Thankyou for the support just need a bit of confidence I think for tomorrow.

  • Good luck. Make sure you tell all! XXX

  • Thanks how true that is we go in all guns blazing and then only tell a half of it let's hope I don't clam up.

  • Gosh Ef0lumps4 that is so true. I get myself all psychid up and tell my Doctor 20 things that are all really important but when I sit down in that chair.....I forget half of it and blurt out maybe one or two things. I think the suggestion of getting at least a double appointment, would be a start. Depression is horrid but there's medication you can be given and it doesn't have to be forever either. Nothing to loose and everything to gain is my motto. Your Doctor can only help you if he knows how you are feeling. Best of luck and come back and tell us how you got on.....don't leave it so long again before you post eh?

  • Thanks for that I certainly will come back with a happy outcome hopefully very soon.

  • Don't you apologise as you have every right to feel down. We are all here for you so come and chat some more anytime. You bend that doctors ear and get more help.

    Love and hugs to you. Xxxx

  • Thankyou I knew you would all come through for me I will let you know of the outcome as feeling a little anxious right now.

  • Sorry to hear your feeling low it goes hand in hand with our illness worst time of year for us catching coughs and colds we all tend to hibernate, hope your feeling better soon

  • Thankyou I am sure I will just think I need a reassuring tap to tell me I am doing ok, support here is a great boost you all know what your talking about.

  • Hope you feel better soon and all of as have cheered you up a

  • Yes indeed always good to talk and get it out . Thanks

  • Your come hope your feeling a bit better now.

  • You definitely sound like a SAD sufferer. Me too. I just said to my son the other day.

    "The older I get, the more the winter is really getting me down. I just can't bear it. Everything is so much harder to do in bad weather.

    I have a friend who is very severe and in the last week, she has started learning to drive and joined an art class. So, feeling low like this, is not something everyone with COPD feels.

    I haven't done PA yet, but, everybody on here ends up feeling much better for doing it.

    I hope your Docter sorts something out to make you feel better in yourself so you can get your mojo back. xx

  • Hi There, thanks for the reply yes winter blues it is with the restrictions of COPD I am sure I will bounce back just havnt been this fed up before I need to get positive hopefully it happens soon and the doc can come up with something.

  • Do go for the rehab classes, anyway, Ef0lumps4. Exercise gets your body to release endorphins, which will help you feel a bit better. Good luck at the doctor's.

  • Hi yes I know you are right just need to get myself motivated so hope the doc can do that later today, Thankyou for the encouragement.

  • Keep coming back here, and you'll find lots of people to encourage you, Ef0lumps4.

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