Him indoors and sleep

Finally been able to get down stairs he up at last really brings it home to you when you have to rely on others for such simple things so now getting breakfast

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  • Enjoy breakfast. Take care xxxxx

  • Sorry if I post to much it is just that I am new at this still learning and felt part of something and less alone I know I have my husband but he doesn't want to a knowledge that our lives have changed and my concerns so once again I apologise

  • No worries Time_2_drink. I will send you a pm. x

  • I hope we are ok now love. Have taken my unkind reply down. Sorry Bev xx

  • No apologies necessary Time_2_drink. The number of posts made by any particular member does not have a limit and I am sure coughalot2 did not mean her comment unkindly.

  • Sorry mrsm. Have deleted it now and sent her a pm. I must be in a grumpy mood or something as am not usually like this. Hope you are ok. Bev xx

  • I think that's the beauty of this site. You can post as many times as you want. We all have times when we just need to talk and get things off our chests. I have a very kind and thoughtful husband and daughter, but there are times when you just need to 'talk' to someone who isn't close, and that is one of the reasons why this site is so good! Sorry to ramble on.

  • You are not rambling i agree with everything you say it is getting things of our chest and we all need to be able to do that at times sometimes it just becomes to much to cope with so something like this is really needed

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