Do you use facebook??

Do you use facebook??

Thought this might give you a laugh!

Subject: Facebook in real life

Presently, I am trying to make friends outside of facebook while applying

the same principles. Therefore every day, I go down on the street and tell

the passerby what I have eaten, how I feel ,what I have done the night

before, and what I will do after, I give them pictures of my family, my dog

and me gardening and spending time in my pool. I also listen to their

conversations and I tell them I love them, and it works. I already have 3

persons following me: 2 police officers and a psychiatrist.

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  • Canine defence league next, fancy making the dog do the gardening.....hehe!

  • Thanks Cupcakes..Yes we know only to well how the dog does the gardening, especially mine..he is either digging and uprooting the plants trying to bury a bone or sitting on and squashing the plants watching us do the garden. It certainly is a "dog's life"


  • I got one like that too , he has now decided to dig the bulbs up just as they are getting bubs on them , the bugger didn't want to dig the holes when I was planting them in the autumn

  • G'day Malcolm

    How's the weather over there. We had the heater on it is the air con.

    It is getting so unpredictable I have to take a second set of clothes if I go out.

    I can't wait for the "fall" as the yanks call it (and I tend to agree with them) and the winter...easy to put a pullover on to keep warm...hard to take skin off to cool down


  • woke up to rain this morning but it now stopped fairly mild here at min for this time of year , but should be rough tomorrow got a weather warning of a storm coming through warning of strong wind , possible traffic disruption , power cuts ect , met office got it so wrong for so many years now they air on side of caution ,its like when they put snow warnings out you might see half dozen flakes

  • We have an equally good (only word I can think of) "weather bureau" here. And they do get it right sometimes. Still can't beat ...Put your hand out of the window..If it is wet when you pull it back in...It's raining.

  • do what we do here, run to the car put on the AC and only go to stores with AC, drive home, run into the house until 5pm when the sun has gone down LOL

  • G'day Debbie

    We have similar "goings on" down under.

    Never ever go to the shopping centres on extremely hot days...the place is full of "old codgers" doing the same thing. Hang on a minute, I am one of them, but I do not leave the air conditioned home to soak up the cool air in the shops. Sad really to think that the elderly have to do this, but they are smart.

    We have some friends who go to the local theatre (10 cinemas) and just spend the day watching movies until the evening when it cools down a little.

  • that sounds better and easier on the back and feet.

  • It must be as many do it Deb

  • Ditto for my cat, well one of them anyway, he's convinced the daffs just breaking need to go back so he keeps sticking his nose right in the middle of them, daft so n so, mind you he thinks he's a small dog !

  • I need him here jet breaks them , he can repair them , they will make a good pair , sounds like me and the mrs she breaks it I have to fix it

  • Geeez M

    I hope the wife does not read your messages.

    Remember the saying in marriage

    You,the husband can be right all of the time....Or you can be happy, but you cannot be both..... or as in my case on the rare occasion that i am found to be blameless (see... I do not say it is her fault, ....not game to)

    the only message Susan conveys is "you are forgiven"!!!!

    Long live happiness.

  • lol

  • That's coz we women are usually right! :D x

  • Too true Cough, even when you are ...dare I say it ....wrong.


  • I am never wrong Will :D :p xx

  • Cupcakes

    Had to laugh at your cat's antics as we are watching animal rescue in Arizona on the tele, and there is a cat that had fallen into a cactus plant. Poor thing had over 1000 thorns in it.

    The vets knocked it out and had to pull the thorns out.

    Now there is a cat that will not go into the garden again.

    Looked like a porcupine when they carried it in.

    It seems to be okay now.

    Very sad to watch how some folks treat their animals , still the USA has a strict code on animal cruelty and we have seen some people jailed because of their disregard towards animals.

  • our hole yard was what Blair called air rated all the grass seed was tore up now its a mud bath lol. When I get out there in one piece I will take a picture, the snow has melted now Bandit has a playground of mud and he rolls in it like a pig does. "GROSS"

  • That made me laugh out loud....fantastic.

    Hope your wife and yourself ok.....

    Malcolm will appreciate the line about your dog gardening as Jet loves a bit of digging too.

  • oh yes your right there knitter, its been emptying the plant pots last couple of days ,

  • Thanks Knitter..I wonder if jet is up to it yet..might be still looking for the "crown jewels"

    All okay here, but we are in the "Alfred" on Friday . Susan has to have a procedure to try to fix her stomach.


  • think he is getting revenge for the crown jewels he been worse since then

  • Best wishes to Susan for Friday

  • Thanks Knitter I will let you know hoe we get on


  • Yeah me too xx

  • G'day Knitter

    Just an update on Susan as promised.

    The procedure went well on Friday...all okay on the insides...Dr's are now sure that the problem has been caused by severed nerves during the transplant.

    We go back to hospital next week and will find out if anything can be done

    Thank you for thinking about Susan


  • Spencer ( my spoodle) did not react until the next day...kept looking and trying to lick where they should have been.

    He also has changed...came home the other day and Susan had moved the TV away from the wall...Spencer had gone in behind it and chewed thru the satellite cable and a HDMI cable.

    I guess if it had been the power cable we would have found out if the trip was working.

    Our electrician told me that the only real way to test if it is working is to do something stupid, like putting a knife in the toaster. If you are still alive....It works.

    I have to admire his logic...but I will not put it to the test.


  • That's great Will but what pool? You filled it in!! 🤣😀 xxxxxx

  • Ooooh Sassy, you are a clever little vegemite...and you do take in what you read.

    Yes it is past tense.

    Very observant.

  • Oh l do Will! 👍😉😀😘

  • Straight to the top of the class...Young Lady

  • Good joke :D

  • Thank you , we need humor in our lives, far too much sadness for my liking.


  • Very good Burraboy - sums up my feelings on Facebook perfectly. I just can't understand this need to share everything all the time. I went to a christening recently where everyone was invited back to the house afterwards. On arriving at the house, we found ourselves locked out with no sign of the proud parents. One of the other guests showed me his phone - the parents were still at the church uploading photos of the christening on to Facebook. They seem to have completely missed the point by leaving their 'real' family and friends, many of whom had travelled a good distance to be with them, standing in the rain !!!!

  • Thanks Helen,

    Your description of people being caught up in the frenzy of the moment is something I see every day I am out and about.

    From those who wander around with plugs jammed in their ears listening to music, completely oblivious to everything, even the traffic which they seem to ignore, to the souls who upon sitting down in the theatre start using their message bank, to the annoyance of people sitting behind them and finally even my children when we go out for an evening meal. The first thing they do before sitting down is to place their cell phones on the table.

    A friend of mine had the answer to this, he took a plastic bag to the restaurant and when everyone put their phones on the table he swooped and placed them in the bag.

    "You can have them back when we leave"

    I know the cell phone can be an important tool in our lives today but it can also be the greatest anti social device ever made.

    Incidentally the fine for using a cell phone when driving here in Victoria carries a $400 hit on your pocket.


  • too funny love it

  • Thanks Deb

  • Very funny gave me a laugh

  • Thanks Clamdigger

    Glad you enjoyed. Sad really, with all the misery and strife going on in our world today, I just wish the media would focus on the many good and funny things that also occur.

    I do my bit to try and create sunshine even on the darkest of days.


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