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Pulmonary langerhanshistocytosis in adults

My name is treasia and I was diagnosed back in 2003 with Plch I have lived almost 14 Years with minimum health issues until about 8 months ago then everything stayed falling apart. All I was told in 2003 was to not smoke n I'd be fine well I have been Until recently. Now it's a constant doctors appointment with anyone from my eyes to my stomach to my lungs to my heart ect....

I am however getting ready to go to a children's hospital in Houston Texas so I'm very hopeful and optimistic. For anyone who doesn't know where to turn there are very few doctors who treat adult but plenty who test children and they are willing to treat adults also.

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Hello treasia l hope that the children's hospital can help you and wish you all the best. Please let us know how you get on. Good luck xxxxx


Have heard of that BUT me memory not what it was ... As that something to do with hairy cell stuff.


Your in my prayers and close to my heart, let us know how everything goes please


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