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The doctor has been given me oramorph for pain under breast bit wary of it but hopefully it will stop the pain not a repeat so hope it does the trick obviously don't want to be dependent I been reading the leaflet I got with the coedine tablets and it says that an enzyme in the body turns it into morphine which kills the pain but some people don't produce this which makes tablet ineffective looks like that's me .It was a different doctor I also asked her about my hot and cold turns she just said use a fan when you hot

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Feel better soon and hope the pain subsides. Xxxx

Thanks sassy me to xx

I was given oromorph wen I was in hospital with chest infection to relax me as I panicked when struggling to breathe.

Did it help you wondering how long it takes to kick in

Oramorph works fairly quickly and does stop pain. You need to eat plenty of fruit or take Senacot, the disadvantage of Oramorph, and Codiene is they cause constipation. But that is a small inconvenience, compared to suffering severe pain.

Thanks took it about 4.30 so should kick in soon

I had it after lung op really works well on pain didnt feel id had half a lung out till after i came off it lol. Very constapating though as mentioned above. Lactulose,magrocol, diocytl and smoothies, all bran and plenty of liquids worked for me. Hope u feel better soon.

Thanks hope you ok hope it starts working soon and gets rid of pain once and for all with a bit of luck

Glad you've got Oramorph, as well as being a good painkiller it will calm you down and help you sleep.

I'm still waiting lol took it 3half hours ago also my Mitrazapan me and sleep not good bedfellows lol


I've had oramorph in hospital for chest pain in the past and found it helped a lot and they gave me a short course to take home, hope it helps you feel a little better as you've not had a good time of it lately.All the best.x

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Thanks hope so x

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