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Sharp pain when breathing

Hi all just looking for a little advice please. Started off with a chest infection at the beginning of December that just won't shift. Been to the doctors three times now, last time I had a sharp pain in my left shoulder when breathing which was diagnosed as pleurisy and was given amoxicillin. This didn't really help. Now a month later I have really sharp pains under my right breast/rib cage/under arm area (sorry it's difficult to explain) when I breathe in or move. I've googled and this looks like cracked rib but the cough is almost gone and I haven't bashed it. It's been five days now and sleeping is getting difficult as the pain is waking me when I move

Any ideas please?

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It is possible that the pleurisy has not cleared, or that you have pneumonia, or a collapsed lung, or a pulled muscle.....Dr Google and guessing aren't really going to help and I suggest you return to see your GP to have it properly checked out. :)


Sorry you had a bad time since Christmas..I am not allowed any lung pain for example..I think you should go to the doctor or A&E or phone 111..Take care x


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