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Hi everyone, been prescribed more prednisolone, doxycycline,and carbocisteine, got to go back to Dr in a week, on the positive side,I am now sleeping at night, which is excellent, feeling concerned again though, if only I could cough up this phlegm!! sorry to be so graphic, and get a deep breath of air in my lungs!! nothing shows up on my chest X-rays, or bloods,just had a really bad unproductive coughing bout, leaves me shattered!, on the positive side went to town with my partner and lunched out, can't believe how short of breath i get sometimes though, I know lots of you are so much worse than I am, I just feel sometimes things arnt going to improve , thanks for listening, got a hols booked for Cyprus in May, got to be well by then,much looking forward to it ,even if I go armed with my meds,!

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  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water during day to thin the mucus,and up it will come. Get well soon.

  • I have an awful lot of mucus like so many others of you and I try to get as much water into me as I possibly can but I find it difficult--do you have any suggestions that would make it easier?

  • I bought an aerosure and I find it great at getting mucus up especially when it seems to get stuck sometimes.When I am better I us my aerosure twice a day and it helps to keep my lungs clear.After I have used it I do the huff breathing to get any stubborn mucus up.

  • I put an effervesant 1000mg tablet of vitamin c in a pint of water three times daily when fighting an infection. Not only is it helping the battle it makes the water more palatable - try as I might, I can't abide cold water. Also there are a few nice fruit teas, honey, vanilla & camomile us yum. Twinings I think. Good luck. P

  • Wishing you all the best and hope things improve. You will be going on that holiday. Good luck to you. Xxxxxx

  • My wife is on her 2nd week of antibiotics &steroids, same problem with the mucus.she likes her coffee,is this a good thing or bad thing please.

  • I am told that all drinks are good, water, tea, coffee, juice. They all help in loosening the mucus.

  • Hi, the doxy should do the trick. Are you drinking loads to help moisten the mucus as well? Taking loads of vitamins, a tonic? Anything you can to massively boost your immune system right through the rest of the winter so you can enjoy your May holiday 😎

  • Hi ,go on you tube to see how the chest clearance exercise is done properly ,you have to Hoogh to get the rubbish from deep down in the base of your lungs ,ask your gp for a flutter device or go on amazon they are about £45 to buy I got mine from gp and wouldn't be without it ,helps reduce the amount of coughing we have to do to get it up without that choking feeling ,,,scary ,, ,,you tube also shows how to use them ,they are a simple pipe devise ,,,,no extra medication needed to use it , I always have a couple of puffs on my inhaler before doing chest clearance , followed by a nice cup of tea, I hope this is of some help to you ,best wishes ,

  • By huff breathing mentioned above I think perhaps Active Cycle of Breathing Technique (ACBT) to help cough up the phlegm is meant. There are lots of videos on youtube explaining it, but this is a good one.

    I do ACBT to cough up my phlegm every morning and before bed and it means I can go through the day without feeling I have to cough up phlegm, and I can lie down at night to sleep. It completely changed my life as before i was taught it by a physiotherapist (although it is very easy to understand) I had to sleep sitting up and often had coughing fits during the day. Sometimes a bit of phlegm gets stuck afterwards and I use my Flutter device which helps me to cough it up. i also use a nebuliser before I do ACBT but I think putting your head over a bowl of very hot water with a towel over your head would help loosen the mucus. I hope this helps.

  • sorry. For some reason the video I gave above does not open. If you go to Youtube and type in Active Cycle of Breathing Technique you will see lots of videos The one I mentioned came up at the top on my list from PLYMOUTHNHSPHYSIO

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