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Hi writing a shopping list for him indoors his only break from me supermarket shop .I was hoping anyone can tell me of a toilet cleaner suitable to use things like this you never think about would be grateful for help and advice

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  • Hi

    For me I would avoid any products by Cillit Bang.

  • Thanks

  • stone-UK .or Flash

  • Hi everyone is different I used to work as a cleaner and none of the thing I used affected me .

  • Ok I will keep looking

  • Bleach really gets to me Tesco do this non chemical cleaner but don't think its much good much more expensive I always make sure the window is left open if using bleach

  • Thanks so tesco one out then not given them money for old rope

  • I use toilet duck the one with the curved neck top that's not to bad

  • I use toilet duck too. It's one of the few things that doesn't affect me. I always have the windows open when using sprays, and I don't use aerosols if I can help it.

  • That Mr muscle oven cleaner is a killer a company called Amway did a oven cleaner that was really good no smell and I think they did washing powder and toilet cleaner

  • Thank you mr muscle going in bin my bin is going to be very rich with all these cleaning products I have hoarded over time

  • The changes we have to make in life we took for granted 😊

  • I also open the window when using bleachxxx

  • Thanks I will get him to do that unfortunately I am unable to do anything hope to be able to in future it is getting me down and depressed

  • I am badly affected by lots of household cleaners but Toilet Duck works fine for me, even the Toilet Duck Fresh Discs that you stick on the side of the bowl. I find them very effective,. Penny xx

  • Thanks penny it's. Going on the list hopefully will be ok for me to xx

  • I use toilet duck the blue one. I have loads of allergies but can tolerate this. xx

  • Thanks that's on his list now never thought I'd be jealous of him cleaning loo xx.

  • Avoid aerosols, fresh 'air' thingys, anything strong smelling and never ever mix these things together. When I looked in my cupboard there's only sensitive washing up liquid, bleach (i do mix a little of those together to mop the floors), white vinegar for windows, dishwasher tablets and gentle baby wipes for dusting. That's it.

    Doesn't Tesco do some breath-easy type cleaning goods? Someone? Anyone?

  • Thanks peege

  • Yes you're right peege, Tesco have offers on Method & Ecover products at the moment.

    I like them because they are natural fragrances & eco friendly. Not harsh smells like some products which are not good for our lungs. 💐

  • He is going to tesco next week will ask him to have a look at them thanks

  • The offer runs till 1st March & others the 7th March. Hope you manage to try them 🌻

  • Definitely going to look them up

  • Thanks stone seen some of the cleaning products on offer couldn't find toilet cleaner but probably have it in store your a whizz

  • I was told if I wanted to avoid chemicals to use some bicarbonate of soda don't know if it works though never tried it.

  • I guess that would work out quite expensive it comes in little tubs

  • You can buy a half kilo of it from e bay for £2.30 not wanting to advertise e bay I just know about it as I have some in water everyday to make my body ph alkaline.

  • Sodium bicarbonate IS a chemical.

    Water IS a solvent.

    If you are taking bicarb often you may need to watch your total Sodium intake. Is also usually found in any fizzy tablets eg multivit or vitC.

  • I know it's a chemical Thanks so is salt I regularly check body ph with ph strips and I drink 2.5 to 3 litres of water everyday to help flush out system.I only meant if the lady wanted to clean toilet without harmful fumes to use sodium bicarbonate as it's been used for cleaning for years before we had modern cleaning products.Thank you for your advice.

  • Sorry for my tone, wasn't meaning to have a go at you and new to this lark. Chemical comment related to earlier in thread.

  • That's ok I'd listen to advice from anyone so don't worry about it we are all here to help and assist each other and if you want to comment your entitled to do that anytime.And to be fair I took your comment as concern for my sodium intake rather than anything else.Welcome to the site and hope to hear from you again.All the best.

  • Thanks will be looking at getting some from them

  • Not sure if it's in the U.K.,but we have a company called Earth Choice,,which has no solvents or Chlorine.They have washing liquids etc. Toilet cleaners,safe to use with septic toilets etc.Wool wash etc.

    They are very economical,& do a great job.

    No,I'm not affiliated to the company!! xx

  • Not heard of them but will look them up ta xx

  • Did you know you can use cheap cola to clean the loo? Tried this yesterday and left it in loo for about an hour, made it sparkle! It's the citric acid apparently !just emptied the whole 35pence 2litres down the loo ....

  • I've heard about that good idea worth a try

  • You can also make a paste with bicarb vinegar and peroxide that you use like stain remover really sparingly,.

  • Sorry not bicarb, cream of tartar.

  • Can't use peroxide but thanks

  • Try supermarket Milton solution seem to do the job in toilet bowl and kitchens you could also try the sterilising tabs one or two in toilet bowl vernight

  • That's a really good one as well, I make it up and put it in an old plastic bottle, better than anti bax .

  • We have some I think so will try it cheers

  • There must be a website with all the old methods of cleaning on. Lemon is a big one I think and bi carb. I may have to have a look now :)

  • Good idea must be something on there

  • Have a look at this, there may be some ideas :)

  • Thanks for that will look it up it's difficult isn't it I have a full cupboard of cleaning agents and him indoors is on cleaning duties wish I was able

  • For the majority of my house cleaning I use a sugar soap mixture in a spray ,no chemical smell at all ,it's £1 a bottle from home bargains but most shops sell it ,I was a home help in the community many years ago ( before health problems) and a lady I used to take care of would only let me use sugar soap for cleaning as her hubby had lung cancer ,and since then,,,that's all I have ever used ,I can also recommend the magic sponges ,they are brilliant we were having new carpet fitted and when we took up the old carpet I thought I give the skirting boards a good clean ( as I can't stand the odour from gloss paint ) and i used the magic sponge ( that's what they're called ) and they were marvelous, hope this has helped ,

  • We have some sugar soap will get him indoors to put it into a spray that he can empty one of the nasties from after good wash out of course and maybe one day I will be able to do a little light housework never thought day would come when I missed cleaning will also look for magic sponge

  • Pleased to help ,hope you find it as good as I do , one bottle of sugar soap lasts ages as I mix it with water , about 1/4 of a bottle filled with water ,

  • Thanks nanny will get him on to it if he ever moves of sofa lol

  • Hi i use Detol sprays for cleaning and Cif cream. Bleach is ok for me and Toiket duck too. I avoid aerosols but I will use a hairspray but cover my mouth.

  • Thanks . Hairspray and bleach a no no with oxygen

  • Have a look on pinterest if you put in as your search non chemical house cleaners or natural house cleaners, you get up loads of recipes.


  • Thanks will do that

  • ecover make a very good natural cleaner, not fumey, if that's a word! cocacola is very good too!

  • Thanks that's what they all should be like fume less coke also good idea

  • Morning Time _2_drink, All harsh chemicals affect respiratory health & the fewer you use the better as bleach does kill all known bacteria good & bad & has serious consequences for everyone. I buy 2 toilet cleaners (same) by E cover & use one in the kitchen for the sink area & any stubborn stains on the cupboards, floor, cooker etc (rinse well afterwards) & the other in the toilet. I also buy a general purpose cleaner occasionally, washing up liquid & wash liquid by E cover & use them in moderation. Everything ends up in the sea, so for any antiseptic purposes I use diluted pure essential oil of lavender in a spray bottle mixed in water. This can be used safely (shake well) on work surfaces, wounds or pretty much anything that needs disinfecting. Other pure essential oils might be preferable, they are all antiseptic & very concentrated & must be diluted, thus, they are very economical & a 10ml bottle lasts for up to 2 yrs. Lemons are also a harmless way to disinfect work surfaces etc. I start my day with half a squeezed lemon in a pint of warm water with honey, apple cider vinegar & an inch of squeezed fresh ginger root. Not only does it aid digestion & alkalize our body, but helps respiratory conditions & I use the half lemon peel to disinfect my chopping board or work surface. Hope this helps. All the best 😊

  • Thank you a lot of helpful information I will take note of it and seems very economical also can you tell me about alkalising body please not sure what it means thanks again

  • Be careful using oils as an oxygen user as the two should not come into contact with each other to prevent fire risk.

  • Yes that true him indoors on cleaning rota hope to be able to do something soon

  • You may be interested in this. In our local supermarket one of the young lads was told to clean down the meat cutting table with bleach and was handed a bottle. The lad emptied the bottle on the table and thirty of the customers were carted by ambulance to the hospital with the side effects of the bleach! As for bleach I never use it and can smell it a mile away.

  • My god very dangerous and stupid

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