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Well as I posted yesterday the respiratory nurse came yesterday and she said she was going to arrange for me to get some ambiltory oxygen and arrange for it to be delivered today it would be before 12 they must finish then .Has you probably know I get in a blind panic so spent most of yesterday trying to physce myself up to going out today today arrives back to square 1 I have no support worker no visits from community matron feel like left to flounder glad I found you lovely people xx

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  • That isn't really fair is It? I know weekend cover is thinly spread but they could have phoned to let you know what was/wasn't happening.

    You could try phoning the community matron to ask where she is, and you could phone your oxygen provider to ask where your ambulatory oxygen has gone. I know they won't deliver today but it sometimes helps to mak a small, well-behaved fuss.

    Keep smiling if you can. xxx

  • Thank you think will look up number of community matron and see what happens I think it will have to be Monday now xx

  • I hope you get this all sorted out quickly , its not fair to promise something is coming like that especially something vital for your health

  • Thanks it was nurse who said she would get it for today so was waiting with trepidation for delivery

  • Hi

    If it was ordered on Friday delivery will be Monday the next working day which is Monday to Friday. If you already use oxygen at home which BOC will see from your account, they will not treat Ambulitory oxygen as a emergency. Emergency deliveries are only used when you have no oxygen supply, and there is threat to health.

  • I understand that from book it was the respiratory nurse who said she would get it for today so I just took her word for it

  • Hi Time_2_drink your Respiratory Nurse may have meant well but might have been a bit optimistic in trying to sort your Ambulatory Oxygen out for today. She would have had to sort out the paperwork and get it to your Oxygen Supplier before they could arrange to deliver it.

    My Oxygen supplier if BOC and if I order on a Friday they won't deliver it until Monday. To get it delivered on a Saturday morning I would have had to order on a Thursday.

    If it couldn't be sorted out for you when they said it would be then someone should have phoned you to let you know what was happening. That's just common courtesy.

    I would ring your Respiratory Nurse to see what has been arranged, then ring your Oxygen Supplier to confirm when it will be delivered.

    Take care.


  • Thank you John yes you are right it is common courtesy I am having a bad enough time trying to get courage to go out with it was psyching my self up do you know if they phone before delivery I am also Boc thanks

  • Because you are a new customer they may ring you but normally they don't phone before delivery. Usually when you order it they tell you what day they deliver your oxygen.

    Order Mon - Thurs between 8:30am - 4:00pm and they deliver the next day, order on Friday and they deliver Monday. You'll be given a booklet with all the information you need to know.

    I've always found BOC staff to be very helpful. If you need anymore cannulas just ask when you phone for your oxygen. I renew mine every two weeks to help prevent infection.


  • Thank you very helpful so early morning rise for him indoors Monday and of course me

  • Hi, sorry that things have not been easy for you, with one thing or another since you were given the oxygen at home , i really luck as everything was in place for me coming out of hospital, but as stone said unfortunately its not an emergency to have portable oxygen although I understand that you must be disappointed especially since you have been waiting for so long,and were looking forward to finally getting out forva little while .

    I wouldnt have waited until I saw the nurse again i would have phoned them straight away but you don't know what to do when things are new to you and its okay for me to say that in hindsight I am sure that you would have .

    My other half phoned yesterday as my green tubing had a slight split in it , i had put a bit micrpore on it and i was still getting oxygen but they came out straight away and replaced it . Again I was luck there was a delivery man in my area at the time so he was here within half a hour .

    Try not to get to worked up as stress will only make you worse , you will enjoy it all the more once you get things sorted out.

    We are here for you and I dont know abouts were you live but the weather were I am is miserable today so it'sa pj day for me . I have just got over a chest infection.

  • Hope you are recovering from chest infection and soon feel better .I only been dressed twice since December yesterday for nurse and I other time real effort .The nurse said because I had 2 Bouts of pneumonia November. December and just finished antibiotics a fortnight ago it takes a while to recover is this true will I feel a bit stronger

  • Weather today is miserable here to glad your tubing sorted

  • Hi, how are you feeling now, try not to get to disheartened, I know that its not easy but you know that you feel worse when you are stressed and to be honest it a pain in the butt getting organised to get out , lol I'm sure that the more I do it the easier it will get, im like you i have only been out to go to the doctor and once a month i have to get my blood checked

    Take care

    Loraine x

  • Thanks Lorraine as the day goes on I seem to get more and more stressed I try not to but I'm finding it hard I know I'm not the only one but just can't seem to cope with being on oxygen and would love to be able to do things in house but honestly just haven't got energy and I get mad .Also get tightening under breast doctors just said probably muscular and gave me coedine without seeing me .The respiratory nurse yesterday things it's to do with diaphragm and lungs changing shape .I find it happens more in late afternoon evening I'm sorry to waffle on and you being poorly best wishes x

  • Hello Time_2_drink...understand you perfectly wanting to do stuff and not being able!

    I do little jobs...cleaning the bathroom and kitchen taps for instance...can manage to do that...when I feel okish then I can manage to clean the bottom half of the windows.

    You'll find having oxygen to go out with amazing...it makes such a difference to your life.

    Good luck and bright blessings to you xxx

  • Thank you hope I can get to do something soon it would make such a difference at the moment him indoors is sweltering I freezing heating on 22 Jamas on cardigan on dressing gown on watch this space 20 seconds I'll be roasting to it's like this most days and nights no wonder I'm wore out clothes on clothes off lol xx

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