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Concerns...on my Brother

My Brother is a heavy smoker has been for over 30 plus years, he was on the cheap end smokes here in England as the cost of them now is through the roof, has been on them around 15 plus yrs, East European ones. He always had a smokers cough around 4 weeks to 6 weeks ago he thought he had flu, oddly enough nobody else had this? I talk on the phone with him as we live many miles apart , his chest and cough is horrendous! Its the cough mostly he has been passed on for X Ray to the local Hospital last Wednesday the cough is extreme, he has had weight loss and is very tired nothing much else, obviously thinking the worst. The X Ray will take 2 weeks to come back I thought this was excessive he lives in Manchester.. down in Devon it takes a couple of days. He also had blood test , which I hope returns quicker can anyone fill the gaps in here on diagnosis of lung cancer signs, symptons, and generally how long they waited for things to progress to diagnosis..I am anxious he is a carry of my genetic condition AATD I am full blown, he is 60. Thanks in advance!

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Hello flo1 .

I am sorry to hear about your brother. It is complicated and difficult to say. I don't think anyone here can give a diagnosis as every case is slightly different. Excessive coughing could also be a serious infection. Not necessarily cancer. I guess the best thing would be to get conclusive results with the x-rays and tackle it from there. I am sorry I can't be more helpful and I am sure other members will have better advice. I wish you both well.

Take care.

Cas xx 🌹


Hello Flo 1

I can understand your concerns for your brother, but I think you should wait for the x-ray and blood test results before you start worrying about lung cancer.

I am sure if anything nasty is found, he will be contacted fairly quickly, either by the hospital or his GP.



All I will say is when my husband had an X-Ray and something serious was found, he was notified the very next day.


Hi and welcome when you go for a x-ray they always tell you to contact your GP in 2 weeks this is standard. If anything shows his gp will know in days so try not to worry.

The best thing he could do is stop smoking I smoked 30 a day due to working nights and only having 4 hours sleep in the day. I used champix you continue to smoke while taking the tablets as with the patches and chewing gum your not to.

Tell your brother to come on hear he will get loads of support.


Thanks for the answers, yes indeed it appears that the post code lottery is to blame for why some are notified sooner and others not that lucky, in Devon we too do not wait 14 days! It would be unheard of in Manchester I was told its standard, the Hospital in question has a terrible reputation and i have urged him to go 'private' that of course is up to him along with quitting smoking, I did that 8 yrs back after they gave me 2 yrs to live aged 47 with full blown AATD Alpha One Antitrypsin Deficiency , he has been more than fortunate from where I stand in my health today, so I can lead him to the water but I cannot make him drink it..! I will update I hope the blood tests show something sooner I know that this can indicate anything sinister too! Many thanks.

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Reply Ask them to switch you to Cirpoflaxin they kill anything and everything 'fast' usually feel the difference within a day or two, I was on lots of cillan's on being diagnosed with AATD nothing helped me, and many courses later and a huge infection in 2012 I was put on those babies by a expert, I keep them in house as a emergency pack which is starndard with AATD ..never looked back, also if your prone to ongoing infection I would recommend you ask for Azthromycin long term antbx I take them 3 times weekly they help cut back and down on level of infection rates and they WORK for the severe effected lung patients they need to be authorized by the Lung Consultant...good luck!


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