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Pitting Edema or Right Lower Leg Swelling

Pitting Edema  or Right Lower Leg Swelling

Since my fall WHEN i trashed my knees .. I have noticed bottom part of right ankle leg as swollen up.

I did finger press test and its pitting edema as indentation stays from where i pressed finger into meat for some time after.

Not like i panic or out but i did think given heart T waves stuff my beans was cooked.

Thought heart n blood clots.

So i did troponin heart cardiac test AS the say Circulating Cardiac Troponin Is excreted in Congestive Heart Failure.

Test came back negative.for troponin.

So its just everything else have to worry about.

Anyway was at GPs having bloods taken and ECG and was telling practice nurse ABOUT my leg and nurse said pain leg swellings generally is A+E job.

So i said you been A+E lately ... Last time i was at A+E i had to stand for hour and half and that was following colasp SO told nurse i would see gp monday SO nurse made me promise her if get worse my leg i would go A+E.

My ECG waz shown GP given my T waves.

AS was still showing hypercute and nurse must of forgot to mention leg swelling TO gp as she came back and said AS my ECG was same as hospital one THE was not concerned .

So going to see GP about it as still dizzy ruff but not as bad as i was.

You look on internet AND the talk about chest pain and breathless.

As Lung Dieased chest pain n breathless is everyone of us most days.

So at doctors monday to see whats going on WELL provided my leg don't turn into ballon THEN think be at A+E

Top picture is my heart trace but why is mine not like my brothers shown underneth mine.

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Hope something sorted for you it's a rollercoaster isn't it

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Hi cheers defo looking that way

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Hi Jeff,

Impossible to guess what's going on with you, especially without seeing it! Swollen ankle due to heart failure if it's only in one leg usually affects the left ankle, not the right.

It could be related to the bash you gave your knees.

Assuming it doesn't balloon and you go to A and E, put that leg up if you're sitting down. And don't wear socks which cut in too much at the top.

Sorry I can't help! Take care, Sue x


Hi watfordgirl Cheers all good advice ... am just in process of slashing elstic of socks.

But i cant understand how the say do that then tell you to get pressure dvt socks.

Wounder if its swallon leg effected my heart trace.

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Doubtful that it did. Whoever did it would have noticed that your leg was swollen.

Try to have a good weekend. x

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And pressure DVT socks are made to support the whole foot, ankle and leg evenly where ordinary socks only have a tight bit round the top to stop them falling down. This can act like a tourniquet!


Hi Jeff, I can't help you re medical issues; this is just to say I hope you soon get it sorted. Love Margaret x

Hi Scorpioliass Cheers yer going to doc monday think the going have to do something .

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Hope things work out better fit you JAS. Take it easy. Xxx

Hi Sassy cheers am trying not to worry really.

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