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Recovery from pneumonia in ILD

Please suggest something.my mother is 50 years old and is on ventilator since last 3 days.Can someone help me with this.

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Have you spoken to your Mother's doctor about her treatment? Maybe you could ask for a meeting & have them explain what's going on.

There's many different reasons why she would be on a ventilator. Is she being ventilated by mask, or has she had a tracheostomy?

Sorry not to be of much help but nobody here is qualified to advise you about your Mother's condition. The best person to ask is her medical team.

Hope things go well for you 🌺


Hello Kritika123 . I am sorry to hear about your mother's condition. What have your doctor's told you? I am sure you are very frightened. The best thing would be to talk to the doctor's about what is going on. Ask them questions and explain your worries. I am sorry I can't be more helpful. Please let us know how things go.

Take care of yourself too.

Cas xx 🌹


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