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Chi Gong Breathing -2

Recap. The first Chi Gong breathing exercise was called Holding the Dantien. Which was good for breathing, constipation, convalescence after or during illness. It was as you remember a gentle exercise, hands held at Dantien, whilst you bent and straightened your knees in synchrony with your breathing. It should be followed after a small warm-up such as swing arms.

Today we will develop this series by describing a slight modification to the Holding Dantien.

This exercise is claimed to be especially good for your lungs, as it connects acupuncture points-see below.

As before stand, feet shoulder width apart. If needed support yourself by leaning against a chair if you have any difficulty standing or balancing.

Hands in front of Dantien (2" below your navel). Fingers just slightly apart, palms facing up.

Slowly raise your hands up to chest height. Top tip if you have your thumbs extended, the top of your thumbs should end just below the level of your shoulder- inhale as you move your hands upwards. Remember, slowly and deeply through your nose. Tongue just resting behind your two front teeth.

Now turn your hands to face down. In this position your thumbs should be pointing towards your upper chest. For the more interested, the acupuncture point between your thumb and first finger -Hegu should be in-line with Qihu points on your chest.

Now lower your hands, palms facing down. And as with the first exercise (if you can) slowly bend your knees and sink, breathing out, through your nose.

Good for breathing, insomnia and stimulating the energy channels.

Do this 3rd, after warm-up, and after Holding Dantien the exercise previously described.

Good health.

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Hi Tryfan, I have being trying that movement you called opening the curtains....very good for lung clearance, but I do it before I open my real bedroom curtains so I don't upset the neighbours ...that would be a sight for sore eyes for them first thing in the morning.

That exercise where you swing your arms round works well too...we do that in yoga sometimes .



I am recovering from double pneumonia, nearly died, once l get better l shall start qi gong . I wish you well


Best wishes for a speedy recovery,

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Gear Gareth

Speedy recovery. Let us know how you get on. When starting to exercise take it slowly, listen to your body.

Best wishes.

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Bless you , l shall stay in touch




Thank you Tryfan


One again Tryfan thank you for this lesson. Very relaxing and I can see with practice, it could help my breathing.


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