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Collapsed Lung

HI i have been on the forum before and the replies I got were really good and helpful, I now have another question, my husband has emphysema and recently he had a collapsed lung and was in hospital for 8 days THAN, he has now had his drain out and although he feels better he still gets breathless on walking maybe 30 feet he is getting really depressed because he is scared that it will happen again, I think he is expecting to much in such a short time he had the drain out a week ago. Has anyone had a similiar experience? thank you

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I had 2 drains they can be a little sore for some time after but very imortant that he keeps away from people with bugs for a bit which this time of year is not so easy.

I was a little bit more complicated as the infection was never pinned down the 32 days I was in ICU

Worrying when he is not ill is not a good way forward he must look at it more of a issue than a problem.



I had a collapsed lung and drains but had to have a op to repair it they kind of glued it to stop it collapsing again , was he normally breathless before it collapsed when walking , I was so after it was repaired I was about the same as before , hopefully it wont collapse again but it can do , they told me even with it being glued it was possible it could collapse again , it is hard not to worry about it happening again but nothing you can do to prevent it ,


Thank you so much for your reply this has given my husband a boost he has to see the specialist again in 5 weeks, they did try to put a talc in when they took the drain out but it was leaking, before this happened he was walking upstairs slowly but he was doing it and walking we took it easy and he kept stopping but he managed it and he is hoping to get back to that stage. Thank you so much you have lifted his spirits I think he thought that he be would more or less confined to the house we know there is know cure and he has been told it could happen again but to be careful and not push himself.

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hopefully he will if he gives it time , mine was a little different as when they done mine they took a bit of lung away but after the second day they made me do as much exercise as I could , the doctor came round at 8,am said why you laying in bed get up and walk about this isn't a holiday camp ,


Thank you there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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