Vibrating Alarms for the hard of hearing

Does anyone know if you can get a vibrating alarm when using your oxygen concentrator when the power supply fails during the night,to alert the hard of hearing or deaf , to alert the users as to what's happening. I have heard about these alarms the slide underneath your pillows or sheets. Can any one help or advise me plse. Thank you

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  • Am certain there must be something available. Suggest you speak to oxygen supplier and / or local sensory service in Social Services.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you for your help

  • Thank you

  • Hi I have one of these alarms fire service provided mine after I set fire to kitchen and didn't hear smoke alarm

    I have a care phone smoke alarm attached too care phone so they phoned me to say alarm was going off I was very lucky

    Take care


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  • Hi

    I would speak with your electricity supplier.

    First to register as a vulnerable person, and share your concerns iam sure they will find a solution.

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  • Thank you

  • The Deaf Guard unit in conjunction with any of the audible power failure alarms available. 2 separate units I know but would do the job for you.

  • Thank you

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