Respiratory nurse visit part 2

When the nurse came she phoned boc to arrange delivery of portable oxygen she asked for it for tomorrow .Gp said when I knew I was getting some to contact surgery about a wheelchair until I a bit fitter hubby been over told I have to go and be weighed and measured it's don't know if I will have oxygen tomorrow haven't heard back yet nurse said I would get a phone call so now dilemma walking into surgery and all eyes on me

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  • Hello again,

    I know we feel everyone's looking at us but people are usually at the doctors because they've got their own problems. Just look ahead, not at other people. Think about your breathing. Please, please try not to worry.

    Have you got a Blue Badge for parking?

    Don't be anxious and take care of yourself!

    Sue x

  • Thanks no we haven't got a blue badge didn't get a phone call so don't know if oxygen coming keep fingers crossed xx

  • Fingers crossed about the oxygen! And you are entitled to a Blue Badge.

    Hope you sleep

  • Thank you we will look into getting one it would be lovely to sleep just seem to have lost the knack hope you have restful night xx

  • Don't worry about being looked at, people tend to look at anything that they aren't used to seeing but generally speaking they get embarrassed if they're caught staring. We've got used to seeing people wearing prosthetic limbs now so they draw less attention than they once did - as do tattoo sleeves, facial piercings and some very weird hairstyles. Like them or lump them nobody bothers to stare at them anymore. People may wonder why you need oxygen just as they may wonder how someone lost a limb, or why all the tattoos, piercings and hairstyles but few if any will actually ask. That would seem rude just as being caught staring seems rude. If someone does stare at you - just smile, then they'll feel awkward not you.

  • Will try my best like the cowardly lion I just need courage

  • I'm sure you'll find it.

  • Cheers will start looking for it lol

  • I find the best thing is to smile at people. There is absolutely no need to be embarrassed you are being brave. Since I bought my new road going mobility scooter I have never had so much male attention - it has alloy wheels! Bit late now at 73 and in any case have a lovely husband!

  • Thanks at the moment doesn't look like oxygen coming today got till 12 so never know

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