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Thank you everyone who replied to my concerns about assesment the nurse has been she said I could go to 16 hours a day from 24 if I want when at rest .she has arranged for me to have ambiltory oxygen my carbon dioxide levels ok so not that that's causing sleep disturbance she said my oxygen levels not good not bad Pa02 7.6 PaCO2 5.73 . PH 7.46 then below 8.3. 5.66 7.47 I have to go for walking test at clinic next Friday they had appointment for 9 o'clock which no one wanted going to be early ready that day but next appointment wasn't till 16 March

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  • That sounds pretty good, Time_2_drink. I hope you feel reassured and less stressed and anxious? It will be nice to get the oxygen off for a bit when you're resting. And really good that arrangements will be made for you to get out, and you can also start thinking about your holiday.

    Take care and perhaps you'll sleep a little better tonight now that's over. Sue xx

  • Thank you sue just the walking test to go. And get used to being out scary but I will try to be a bit braver xx

  • Hi

    Panic over, try and not get stressed for next Friday.

    Keep with the pursed lip breathing exercise, and try and walk as much as you can, any exercise however small will tone your muscles so they need less or make use of the available oxygen.

    This will benefit your walking test.

  • Thank you stone will take your advise just need to make sense of these numbers

  • Hi

    Don't think about the numbers, PaO2 is oxygen going into blood.PaCO2 is carbon dioxide leaving the body, Ph is acidity

    Below 7 is called acid above 7 is called alkaline. Blood is Basic ( akaline) 7.35/7.45.

    It's only to see if you are CO2 retainer, which you appear not to be.

    So concentrate on the forthcoming Friday and the new freedom it will give you.

  • Thank you you are very helpful

  • Just want to wish you well. Keep going and be brave. Lots of love xxxxx

  • Thank you waiting for phone call from oxygen company xx

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