Sleepless in West Yorkshire

Sleepless in West Yorkshire

Hello, I've just found you because of fishing around for anything that could be of use to my husband. He has had COPD for a few years and this winter has been particularly unkind. He almost always has a coat on inside but never seems to get warm even with the fire and central heating on all day, and he doesn't believe me when I say it isn't really that cold compared to past years. He coughs constantly for about 2-3 hours most nights. His meds are under review and hopefully he will be starting breathing classes soon. That's his story.

As for me, I'm well, thankfully, but a little sleepy...

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  • Hi and welcome. I am also in West Yorkshire and likewise feel the cold more than anyone else in my family. I put it down to not being able to move around very much and, believe me, being told others are not cold does not help me feel any warmer! :)


  • Hi Toci. Very sorry to hear you too have a problem with the cold. I see you have firsthand experience of our damp and misery-inducing weather of late being in the otherwise lovely West Riding... Been good the last day or so, though, but it hasn't made hubby any warmer either. The best part about that for me is that he likes the electric blanket on in bed - and so do I 🤗🤗

    I'm sure you'll be looking forward to the spring/summer and hopefully we'll all feel a lot happier with a bit of sun on our backs x

  • Hello and welcome,

    I'm in Devon but also feel the cold. Unless I'm very hot which also happens. You haven't said very much about your husband - it will come out a bit at a time! I just wondered if he's had a sputum test done recently to check that he hasn't got and infection - or is the coughing normal for him? You could ask for referral to a respiratory physio for advice on helping with the cough. And if the breathing classes are Pulmonary Rehab that will help in all sorts of ways, including managing to move around more which might make him warmer.

    Come back soon and good luck, Sue x

  • Hello Watfordgirl. Oh dear, I'm glad we weren't thinking about moving south if you too are feeling the effects of the cold. Years ago we used spend Christmas and New Year with hubby's relatives in Wiltshire and Somerset and it always seemed much more comfortable down there, and so damp once we came back north. Sadly they've all passed on now so no reason to go, otherwise we might have upped sticks and moved.

    Yes, he's had the sputum tests which were clear of infection. I think the breathing classes are Pulmonary Rehab and I'm happy to read your comments as you confirm my thoughts because he's always been a shallow breather so hopefully it will do him good. I'll let you know once he's on the course.

    Thanks for the info x

  • I hope your husband gets help with his breathing and do wish him well. My husband has COPD and he also feels the cold. We live on the South Coast and it's mild here today. Xxxxx

  • Thank you Sassy. Having read all these messages about breathing conditions, it is so helpful to learn more about this scary topic from other people with personal experience.

    My husband was first diagnosed with emphysema, as it was known then, in I think 2003 and although he's had setbacks, he's always bounced back to a reasonable level of fitness. This time he's been gradually going downhill since late October...

    I hear we have an unseasonal period of high temperatures just around the corner, so let's hope everybody who's been suffering with the cold will be able to enjoy going out, or even staying in, without all those extra layers 😎 x

  • Hello lovely ladies who have replied to my first post, thank you for your interest. Before I do anything else though, I must find out how to reduce "my image" and get it into a little circle or removed altogether. I haven't a clue what I've done wrong. That tells you something about me - I'm not technophobic, but I'm certainly not a whizzkid either...

  • You need the advice of our wonderful stone-UK . He answers all our techy queries. I did mine myself but it took forever as my Zebra was turning somersaults and would not settle down the right way up. Can't for the life of me remember what I did.

    And welcome to this brilliant forum. Funny, wise, knowledgeable people, and soooooo supportive.

    K x

  • stone posted earlier today 'Image posting on iPhone and iPad' was the heading I think. Everthing you need to know all in one place.

  • Ive just checked - the heading was ' Image loading iPad, iPhone'.

  • Hello, it just sounds to me as though he really needs a change of meds. Coughing to that extent is horrible and must be making you both very miserable. I have copd and when I was put on to a medication that was unsuitable for me it meant I spent most of the night time coughing. It is debilitating when you are desperate for sleep and can't get off..What is he taking at the moment?

    Some sound advice on here for you both, and I hope it works:-)

  • Hello and welcome to you and your husband

  • Hello Dedalus, thank you for your greeting 😊xx

  • Hello Katinka & Magpuss. Thanks very much for the techno advice. I will deffo check on Stone and see if he can sort me out when I'm feeling bright, breezy and up for a challenge... x

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