Update for the Zebra

Thank you to all of you for your kindness and words of wisdom, really needed to let off steam . The fibro pain has subsided and I slept for a long time. As for the chest pain , Well the x-ray was clear, no pneumonia but the basal crackles have returned so have been admitted to hospital this afternoon. The O.B seems to be active again despite the chemo. Now waiting for CT in the morning to check for clots. My Lead Nurse who I e mailed passed my concerns to the consultants involved, and one of them rang me at home, I was having a bit of a cough and struggled to talk to her so she rang me again today and said she would see me when I came in for x-ray, that they would page her. She has admitted me from there. That was at 2 p.m . Since then have seen cardiologist and Rheumatologist

Had iv pain relief, and two lots of iv anti biotics , been a hectic few hours. They all seem to be falling over themselves, I've never had this level of care before, and all because I'm a Zebra!!

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  • Zebras for ever!

    You do seem to be having excellent care. My doctors, GPS and consultants are a bit at a loss.

    I will, I really really will PM you.

    Meanwhile enjoy (?) being given Zebra treatment.

    Love and very gentle hugs

    Kate xxx

  • Zebras are well cared for Ccupcakes and make sure they all know it. Take care and be better soon. Love and hugs. Xxxx

  • Humph.... This Zebra often feels like it's been abandoned. Allowed to perch on an upturned bucket in the store room if it's lucky. Doesn't fit anywhere. Hence the coracle,

    K xxx

  • If l can fit my arms around you Kate then you do fit with me. Come out of that store room for a hug though it might seem very hard for you at the moment.

    Thinking of you. Xxxx

  • Just me playing the pathos card. I do feel cared for by my Lovely Lung Consultant but he has not much experience of OB. Cupcakes is in RHB and is obviously being seen by a consultant who knows much more about it. But I will emerge from my storeroom for a hug. Very huggable me.

    Love and hugs to you both

    ('and hugs' turned into 'sandhogs' how weird is that?)

    Kate xxx

  • Oh you wouldn't believe what my phone tries to make me say! Very weird indeed.

    What a lovely zebra you are. Xxxxx 😍😀

  • Sound like a Lewis Carroll nonsense rhyme. We need Ron on it.

    k x

  • Oh we do, we do xxxx

  • I was searching for his name. Ron... what?

  • Ah........

    Anyone? Xxxxxx

  • Yes! Don-1931version

    Please come and finish sassy's poem about a Zebra.

  • Lol!!! I was just thinking is it Don? Thank you Kate xxx😀

  • That made me giggle, picture please,xx

  • I'm so pleased for you Ccupcakes. You've been through a punishing time, hanging up-side down from a tree for goodness sake, and now you're tucked up in bed with Iv everything., and everyone running round after you.

    Take care, let us know what happens, and get better.

    Sue xxx

  • Thank u xx

  • I am so glad they are taking good care of you & hope you will feel much better very soon. xx

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