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Ambiltory oxygen

Was wondering when nurse cones tomorrow if I am allowed oxygen to go out does she say what I get or do I ask and any idea what I should be asking for please also would like.to know if I should mention portable converters we have a touring caravan and though would love to go abroad for birthday and ruby wedding end of March no it not possible but if I am well enough maybe caravan site in north east if I can find somewhere that accepts portable oxygen deliveries pipe dreams but can only hope xx

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If it's Ambulitory oxygen. She will have to do six minute walk test or similar.

This will determine the oxygen requirements in litres per minute, one to decide will you need continuous or pulse delivery.

Second choice to make type of oxygen supply.

Cylinder comes with bag trolley and conserver weight approx 3.3 kg.liquid oxygen, require storage for Dewar main tank from which you fill flask weight approx 2.2 /3.7kg depending on system supplied.or portable concentrater comes with carrying bag and trolley weight approx 5 kg.

For the purpose of holidays in U.K. your provider will deliver and collect from your chosen destination.

Give plenty of time and speak to people at destination to confirm they will accept delivery.

You are not allowed to take NHS equipment outside of U.K.


Thank you do they determine how many bottles I get



Yes, depending on your activities, I was given 4.

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Hello T2d, it would be silly of me to say don't worry because this is all new to her and you're bound to be anxious.

It's her job, and she should know what she's doing! She spends her time seeing patients who need oxygen. She'll expect you to be anxious about it and will be there to reassure you, including telling you about using oxygen when you're out. (If you're going to have it in the car, you'll need to inform your car insurers). Ask her whatever you need to know!

Most places are fine about having oxygen delivered for people who are staying with them. The oxygen suppliers like someone to take delivery of whatever you need. Job done - a romantic holiday for two!!

I hope you'll feel happier tomorrow.

Sue xxx


Hello... my daughter is on continuous oxygen. She has 2 static tanks from which she fills her small tanks to go out. She is on 2 litres a minute.

She is now wondering about getting a portable condensator to go out with as these are much lighter and she could plug in anywhere, so no fear of running out of oxygen.

We live in Switzerland so it will be different but i would like to know the advantages and disadvantages . Can anyone enlighten us?

Thank you


'T is me again. Before I was given oxygen, not only did I have a six minute walk, I had to have gas-exchange tests too. I have arrived at "end stage" emphysema (where there's nothing more, medically, that can be done for me). I have 8 cylinders of oxygen delivered twice a week, but often I've used only four of them. I also have two concentrators (one upstairs, one downstairs, to reduce the amount of trailing tubing) because I need oxygen at night now.

I suspect that you're nowhere near my needs, and although you aren't looking forward to what's going to happen, may I say that the best thing that has happened since I've had this lousy, progressive disease is the arrival of the oxygen cylinders. They allow me to get around under my own steam. They are a blessing in a very good disguise!!



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