All done😊

Well.i had my consultation at the hospital.

Consultant really didn't know why my gp had sent me there,as it was only my copd that was causing me problems.

Listened to my chest,fine.

My fev is 34%...which isn't great,but it's not bad either is it?

Anybody else's stats that low?

I'm starting rehab next week,so that may improve it.

Glad it's all over with though.

Although,saying that,he wants to check on me in 6 months time.



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10 Replies

  • So pleased things went well for youxxx

  • Glad everything went well. Don't know about FEV. I see my consultant every 6months just to keep me in the system. You will enjoy your PR it very educational. Take care x

  • Did you find it helpful? I think you were maybe expecting a bit more? There seemed to be quite a build in your mind about it. And then perhaps a bit of a let-down that he said he didn't know why he was seeing you. But a consultant in a clinic is worth his weight on gold, so I suggest you hang onto him. FEV1 presumably? Which is what you puff out in 1 second.

    Enjoy the PR.

    All the best

    Kate xx

  • Yes.i think I was expecting more.dont ask me why though.

    He said they thought from my doc report that I could have been suffering with one or the other of 2 other lung conditions.

    But that I would be coughing permanently,and my chest would not be as clear if I was.

    So,to be on the safe side they sent me for an X-ray on my way out,and said if anything is untoward,my gp will notify me.

    Thanks for your reply.


  • Yes. I do understand. I have been there often during my seven year saga. Rather dismissive consultants, saying things that should come over as good news but somehow aren't. I just knew there was something seriously wrong in my lungs and I was right, but --- oh boy --- did it take some perseverance. And the weird thing of realising that I actually wanted poor results so that they would have to accept that there was something wrong. Horrid, horrid position to be in. And easy to be accused of being a hypochondriac. No one is saying there is nothing wrong now. And the relief is massive.

    All the best

    Kate xxx

  • That is just how I feel!

  • Glad everything went well. Enjoy your PR. XXX

  • Well that's it all over for another 6 months Fantasy. You'll be glad 😁

    Your consultation went well so you should be pleased.

    Enjoy your PR class next week 🌺

  • Hi Fantasy,

    Great, done and dusted! And it went well. What the consultant is there for is to help you and to oversee the management of your COPD. It's not a test or a judgement - he's there to help you if there are difficult bits. You don't need to feel anxious in 6 months time!

    My FEV1 is lower than yours and I'm still here. And you're right, yours will probably have come up after your PR. I'm sure you'll really enjoy it.

    Time for a cream cake to celebrate. Sue xxx

  • Rehab will help an awful lot even though we are so so breathless we need to exercise/walk as much as possible to keep lungs going also we need to eat quite a lot as we use up so much energy breathing mind you i have difficulty eating all the time! Was having my yearly b/ts due to Colitis had to go 3 weeks running (iron deficient) nurse booked me into a doc every time they all said different things gave me different meds/diagnosis. Have an appointment up hospital at Chest Clinic (last yr was my 1st) on 8th March so hope they can sort it out as the docs are giving me conflicting advice.

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