Urinary tract infection

Hi need some advice again please. On every day ay 6 am but don't post often. My husband Alan as gone done with a uti second in 6 months. First time admitted for ivs and his breathing became laboured. The matron as been out today and started antibiotics and steroids. As anyone else had a uti which as made their breathing laboured. He as severe copd. Thanks for reading.

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  • Infection can affect breathing barst especially as your hubby has severe COPD. Does he have a chest infection also? Let's hope the steroids and antibiotics work quickly for him.

    Thinking of you both and sending best wishes your way. Take care xxxxxxx

  • Hi. No he doesn't seem to have chest infection. Every thing but. Is lpr is finally under control with four lots of medication. Had stents in legs this year. Went to opticians for routine eye test came out with letter for doctor fast tracked to Specialist for laser treatment for glaucoma. That sorted. Just got two more appointments this month Ct scan on nodule and Respitary Consultant. And it is only February. Roll on summer. Thanks for commenting, Bet u wished you had not x

  • Only too pleased to reply barst and hope your hubby improves soon. Thinking of you. Xxxxxx

  • Thanks for replying.

  • This is worth reading:-


  • It's quite common for "seniors " to have breathing difficulties with UTI's. Hope Alan is feeling much better soon.

    Take care. Pam XXX

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