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Chi Gong review

Thank you again for the comments and support.

Thought we should have a recap over the last few exercises. Some of you have reported back as helpful. That is such good news, please carry on. Those who may have found them either too difficult to perform or understand, please bare with me.

In Exercising - In stillness be like the pine. In movement be like clouds and water.

The alchemist of old were always striving to turn base metals into Gold. As far as I know, no one has managed to achieve that. The Taoists of old, who were also alchemist, this time of their bodies, laid down the path to enable us to turn our base energies into that rarer commodity Chi and Shen or spirit.

When we practise Chi Gong we are at the leading edge of over 20 generations who have practised and refined this art.

I first wrote- swing arms for better health. Loosens spine and all connective tissues.

For those who have written that they find standing, twisting too difficult. Try, swinging arms - forwards and backwards . You can do this standing or sitting on a stool. Swing in front to shoulder height, back behind as far as is comfortable. Coordinate with breathing and if you are standing, swing with as much a bounce in your legs as you can comfortably achieve. Two bounces once when hands are in front, second when behind. You will soon feel a natural rhythm.

Next, we mentioned- Holding dantien. This exercise is claimed to be good for relieving constipation, convalescing, Insomnia and as an aid to breathing difficulties. If you are unable to stand and bend your knees. Use a chair, or sit on the bed, sit and hold your hands over your dantien, right on top for men, left on top ladies. Breath as described.

Yesterday, we described -Opening the Chest, claimed to be good for Asthma, depression and breathing issues. Try this in the morning outside (if you can) facing the morning sun.

Finally today. Our purpose in exercising in this way is two fold. First is to smooth and maintain the circulation of( bio-electricity)- Chi throughout the body. Second, to store this built up energy in what Chinese medicine calls Chi Vessels or reservoirs. By practising you lower the bodies resistance to energy flow and remove blockages that can resist the flow and stagnate the smooth flow of Chi. Chinese say this stagnation is what can cause disease.

I hope I'm not overburdening you with the philosophy and background. It is vital to understand the why.

Best wishes, keep practising. Do only what is comfortable, no straining, stay safe and well.

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Hello Tryfan,

Thank you for the time and energy you're putting into this. I'm afraid I've only dipped in so far, but I'm keeping your posts and will do better.

I've been having acupuncture for two years, and it's definitely helping me. And I just wanted to say, having read books on Chinese medicine, that I don't think you can teach this without the philosophy and background.

Thank you 😊 Sue x


Many thanks again for today's class and like Watfordgirl ,I shall be trying the exercises a little later on today. Hope you are keeping well yourself TryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTryfanTry.


Tryfan sorry about errors in my previous post- it wouldn't allow me to "edit"!!


Like it. Sounds like your shouting to a pop star.


Thank you for continuing to do this Tryfan


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