Birds of wisdom-4

Birds of wisdom-4

Hope this finds you as well. Warmer here in N Wales. Recognise this bird (I hope, otherwise all the twitchers will shout at me) a Bullfinch. So colourful. In our old house which was more in the country and more bird friendly. We used to see Bullfinches in late summer gorging on Violet seeds that were growing in the gravel surrounding our house.

If I may be so bold as to add to the aphorism, it also confuses those who would harm you.

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  • Love the birds you're posting, as well as the 'messages' you add. Thank you. Sue x

  • That's lovely Tryfan. Thank you so much. Xxxx

  • The glorious Bullfinch . You wonder how they keep warm!

  • It's all the love they generate. Just like you people who support those writing in to this site.

  • xxxx

  • What a lovely bird :)

  • So beautiful, thank you Tryfan xx

  • Again, winning pic' and message. I hope you won't mind if I steal a copy of all of these - I'd like to put them on my message board. Much more cheery than just the usual appointment reminders and shopping lists.

  • It's a male bullfinch.

  • It's a male bullfinch.

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