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Nervous for hospital appointment

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Hi all.

I have an appointment with my consultant tomorrow (Thursday), I am getting extremely anxious as to what is going to happen.

I have been very unwell past 2 weeks.

Not with my breathing,but pains in nearly every joint in my body.

We have just sold our house,and I have been very stressed about it all.

On Monday my shoulder kept me awake all night,the pain was awful.

Last night,my hand had swollen on the top and gone red and painful.

Last Friday I did the most stupid thing,broke my little toe😩The pain was just the worst.

God knows what the consultant is going to find wrong with me😢

This is my poor toe😢

Any reassuring advice for my visit would be most grateful.

Thank you


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I hope everything goes well at the hospitalxx

Ask to be referred to a rheumytolagist consultant you may have some kind of arthritis. I was dx with OA in 2012 that was mainly in my hands. Then again in 2015 due to pain in all my joints. I was dx with psoriatic arthritis too

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Fantasy3 in reply to Nottobad

Thank you.

I was hoping maybe the consultant tomorrow may be able to give me something for the pain.

I know it's not his area,but who knows.?


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Nottobad in reply to Fantasy3

I was given cocodamol for the OA plain your GP can give you that. They can tell if it is OA from an X-ray But was given medication from the rheumytolagy consultant for the psoriatic arthritis. I am in pain most of the time especially when doing things. But the medication dose help. Maybe your resp consultant will refer you to the rheumy consultant. Arthritis isn't only for older people young people can get it too..

That poor foot of yours looks really painful. 😰 Fantasy. You'll need to be careful you don't bang it on anything.

Could your pains possibly be caused by stress? Your shoulder pain because you've been doing too much?

I hope you have a good appointment with your consultant. Try not to worry, I know it's easier said than done 😔

Let us know how you get on & take care of yourself 💐

Hi Fantasy3 it sounds like you're having a bit of a rough time and need to take it easy.

I hope your consultation goes well tomorrow and you get the help you need.

Take care.


That looks really painful I hope you get something that helps with the pain good luck tomorrow x

That looks extremely painful. I have cocodomol for my hand. I hope you are able to relax at your appointment. I always take my kindle with me. No doubt you find waiting rooms horrible places to be. At my local hospital there are coffee shops, where you can get a drink to take away. Maybe some boiled sweets would help too.

Thanks all.

I can't take codeine,makes me sick,so I'm just taking ibuprofen for the pain.

Which does the trick,for a little while.


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Nottobad in reply to Fantasy3

I am the other way around I can't take ibuprofen as it affects my breathing.

Good luck Fantasy, write down anything you want to ask. Is there anyone going with you? You could well have arthritis of some kind so need to see a rheumy doc. That poor toe......ouch!

Good luck and remember consultants are human too. Xxxxxxx

Hi Fantasy,

I'm sorry about your problems. You've never had this sort of joint pain before? It could have been triggered by stress, but it's unlikely to be anything to do with your COPD. In which case, your consultant will probably suggest you see your GP, but you never know.

Ibuprofen and paracetamol are both good for painful, swollen joints because they're anti-inflammatory as well as analgesics. And you could put some adhesive strapping on the side of your foot to stop your little toe moving or catching on things.

Try not to be over anxious about tomorrow. He might do some blood tests for you, and I hope he reassures you but probably he'll just have a chat about it!

Do let us know how you get on, and congratulations on selling your house.

Sue xxx

looks very sore. Take care.

Oh your poor little toe. You have indeed been under a lot of stress, but hopefully things will now start to improve. Have you written down any questions you want answering? It's easy for us to say don't worry and I hope you will find a sympathetic ear. Just be frank....your Consultant's job is to help you, don't forget that.

All the best for your appointment, and don't forget we are here for you.

p.s Your foot looks perfect to me apart from the bruising. I'd be embarrassed to show you my poor feet, my bunion and toes that were squeezed into skyscraper stiletto winklepickers in the 50's and 60's, but they still work:-)


Oh your poor little toe Fantasy , I hope it heals up quickly for you. I would mention your shoulder as it has bothered you for a while.

Good advice from Jennifer to write your questions down....I was so surprised at how lovely my Consultant was I forgot everything... he was from Australia... he had such a good way about him.

Hope you are not in too much pain it would be good if you could get about in one of the hospitals wheel chairs 😊 huff xxx

hope all goes well tomorrow , and you toe heals quickly

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