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I Belive In FULL disclosure

Am into DNA medical ancestry.

Having read LOTs and RESEARCHED a great deal with interest re my DNA.

Did you know if you have bloom syndrome or healthy carrier of cystic fibrosis.

Chances are you have T970m mutation.

BUT as those powers that be think its just autosomal recessive disorder vigilance is not needed.

WELL hate to say it BUT it is KEY guess thats why my lungs are granulomad up.

As medical profession didn't give a hoot as my condition is autosomal recessive.

Bit like the say about Healthy CF carriers and screening.

Or like i say this no such thing AS healthy carrier unless DNA research as been round for few houndred years.

So who knew as i never BUT as my Ashkenazi ancestry as shown me WHY most gov have band DNA companies disclosing SNP related to EGFR and T970m mutations.

And its so SO not on :o

But as i was reading researching if you have bloom syndrome and or any form of cf you have T970m mutation.

But we cant say out as bloom syndrome and cystic fibrosis are related to Ashkenazi GUESS like most of us are.

Explains a lot.

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It's good that things are much clearer for you JAS but what happens next? If your doctors don't take yuu seriously what can be done? You are certainly determined which is great.

Wishing you well as always xxxxx


Hi sassy luckily my lung docs on my side.

Was reading further and think lungs are just tip of my issues.

Just have to try manage my symptoms and stress

Think its all any of us can do.

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That is a fine piece of detective work Jeff. My DNA is mostly Celtic and British with a dash of Viking.


Hi Azure Cheers DNA and ancestry is amazing really BUT i just looked at medical bit of mine.

Did look at my ancestry and did mention I come from Europe & UK Ireland

And i have Ashkenazi genes ancestry.

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I didn't see the medical part


ALL pretty basic really, thought everbody knew it.

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All depends on what you know BUT am open to contributions


Do tell us more please, Hector.

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