Well I am going to have to bed although don't really want to to long laying awake with what I know are negative thoughts and worries poor husband shattered he will be asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow .I wish I could think positive thoughts but honestly I can't how do all of you on 24/7 oxygen honestly cope because I really can't and at moment so down it hurts thanks for taking time to read my posts x

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  • Morning Time 2 drink, night times are always the worst when you can't sleep and your head is going round. You will get used to the oxygen, I go out with mine all the time, no one seems to bat an eyelid! Think of it as just another medicine. It's natural to mourn what we have lost, but there is so much we can still do. Take care oh and try not to trip over the tubing! Xx

  • Thanks Sheila I feel so Weak in body and in mind can't even get dressed without Bp going haywire 135 yesterday and sats dropping yes had a few tangles with tubing enjoy your days out xx

  • Good morning. Sorry that you're feeling so down at the moment. Maybe your doctor could help if you could talk to him about your concerns. We have a counselling facility at our's really useful.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Pam XXX

  • Doctor mentioned counselling when I saw him but I have no oxygen to go out xx

  • Hello Time_2_drink . I am sorry you feel so down. It really can be like a rollercoaster ride at times can't it? Getting used to being reliant on oxygen can be difficult. It does take a little time.

    Do you have people you can confide in? Sometimes it helps to tell someone. I really hope you get some sleep tonight. I am thinking of you and your husband.

    Sending you a hug,

    Cas xx 🍀

  • Thanks for the hug yes it is difficult and when I do get some sleep I wake up several times feeling horrible hot fuzzy head heavy body etc and my sats gone to 98 so I have to take oxygen of till yip feel a bit better xx

  • 98 is a good %. Did you mean 89?

  • No I was on bipap. Machine in hospital. I was told Ito much carbon dioxide so I shouldn't go above 92, that is why I feel ill in night

  • I see. I really hope things get better soon. xx 🍀

  • Night times when everything feels multiplied 10 fold. Do you like books? maybe audio ones ? I would be lost without being able to escape into someone else's world for a while. Hope tonight is better

  • Me too, love audio books to help me get to sleep, and to entertain me when I lie there not being able to sleep.

  • I used to read a lot books magazines anything I haven't picked a book up since I went in hospital December brought magazines and books back unread I can't settle to anything even favourite Tv shows my husband says I'm punishing myself I reckon he right xx

  • Night time is always the worst. When I'm having breathing difficulties, I always dread bedtime knowing that I will get little sleep and the night seems soooo long!

    Maybe set up a routine for the evening to help you get ready for bedtime/sleeptime:

    A cup of tea, relax, read, or listen to soft music.

    Let your mind relax. Tell yourself, what problems I have at this moment can not be solved tonight, so I'll worry about it tomorrow.

    Do relaxing breathing exercises to get your sats up.


  • Thanks Beth trouble is being inactive and feeling rubbish don't help at least I managed to clear a cupboard out today feels like I run a marathon lol .I worry about the awful feelings I have when I wake up I feel really rough sweating then really cold and my whole body feels strange feet tight and heavy thanks for reading x

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