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Coping better

Hi, after getting lots of help, advice and reassurance as a newbie, I can report that I saw my respiratory nurse and my oxygen levels are good. I was able to walk unaided up and down the corridor several times before getting breathless. Most of my problems seem to be anxiety and constantly worrying about work. Kathryn put mind at rest and I feel a lot more positive about the future.

While I am here, I read that someone regulates their breathing using a McDonald's drinking straw. I now have the straws but can't find the "instructions". If the author reads this, I would be grateful.

Once again, my thanks to everyone who helped me that first night.

Susie x

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Hi Susie. So pleased that you're feeling much more positive.......anxiety can be a real pain. Sounds like you did really well and I hope that everything works out well. Stick with it. XXX


Your talking about tips for pursed lip breathing. You can check it out on YouTube.

A member said she found it helped to do the out breath through a straw.


I can't remember who said it but I think they said that they cut about an inch from the straw and kept that in their mouth, breathing in through their nose and out through the straw. Hope I've got that right.


Thanks everyone. I'll check out the video x


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