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Hello my hubby as asked if I would put a message out to ask if anyone can help with ideas to get some weight on my bones I have lost over a stone and half since Xmas and my legs are like matchsticks he is on kitchen shopping duties wish I could help him so any tips would be welcome by him thanks xx

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Chips rice pasters burgars junk food

And first ask your dc why you have lost the wight

I did tell him that I had lost weight

Hi I would like to know that too I can't eat much and I want to gain weight too I also have no get up and go

At first I couldn't eat especially whilst in hospital and when I first went home .I now eat most of what is put in front of me but weight still dropping like you I have no get up and go and days just drag and nights

Yes I know where u are coming from I just don't eat enught and burn off what I eat

Please report rapid weight loss to your doctor before trying to fatten up - which is far harder than trying to lose weight.

I did mention it to the doctor but he didn't say anything

My doctor has given me ensure plus drinks

Thank you I will see if I can find on Internet and then hopefully next time I see doctor he will give me some

All too familiar to me. I eat a little often. But really you need a fair amount of protean and exercise. You will need to build up your muscles, as that is what has wasted away. You don't want to put on a lot of fat with weakened muscles, or you will end up doing less exercise because it will be hard work to do so.

There are some very good "chunky" soups.that just need a microwave to heat them up. Quick and easy should you be on your own at any time, easy to eat as well.

Thanks will ask him indoors to get some in never been one for canned food but needs must

and..... don't forget your Oily Fish, full of vitamin D that will improve your "get up and go" as well as protein. Milk shakes made with full fat milk is another easy to make food often overlooked and packed with vitamins.

2greys has given you good advice. A tip I was given was to add a spoon or 2 of Complan to soups and milky drinks. I also add half an avocado to a sandwich at lunchtimes. Try to eat little and often. xx

Thank you all tips welcome xx

Hello Time 2 drink,

You've had lots of good suggestions and tips. Little and often, small meals. Think about the proteins - eggs, avocados, peanuts. Avoid food which is too dry and difficult to get down. What you fancy is a good place to start.

And be reassured that weight loss is very common with a lot of patients with lung conditions. Take care. xxx

I have to second what Watfordgirl has said - dry food is hard to get down - I don't like canned soups so I make my own - these are easy to eat. With crackers and cheese they make a meal. Also I think that loss of weight is a problem with many of us who have lung conditions. I was sick for a while and lost weight and now I am well but can't put weight back on.

I bought a soup maker I will ask him to make some in that wish I was able and well enough to do some cooking but we gas anyway so that's out

Thanks protein it is he will have to get inventive he having a bit of a rest I think all this is taking it out of him xx

It is hard for our other halves, T_2_d. They worry and want to do their best to help. If your appetite's poor, to begin with think of giving yourself treats. Cream cakes, and feel smug that you don't have to worry about putting weight on! xxx

If you're eating well and still aren't able to put on any weight but only mention this 'in passing' as it were, to your doctor - he may not be paying as much attention to it as he ought to. 'If I were you', the next time I saw him I think I'd be making this the main topic of conversation rather than something that just gets mentioned. In the meantime- chocolate, cream cakes, chips, bread with lots and lots of butter - but, definitely talk to your doctor.

I will in the mean time I have looked for my blender and am going to ask husband to make me some smoothies oh how I wish I could go back in time to when I was wishing I could lose weight I would tell myself be thankful for what you've got and. Not on oxygen life's a bitch xx

I've heard dry powdered milk is good too. You can add it to porridge, Rice pudding, tinned custard is very fattening too and easy to get down. xx

You`re right casper99. The dietician came to see me yesterday and she suggested adding dried milk to all sorts of things. Incidentally Time_drink I think you should ask your doctor to refer you to a dietician. Sheila xx

Dried milk on shopping list for him indoors xx

I will get other half to get some powdered milk when he goes shopping wish I could go also I will maybe prepare a rice pud and he can put it in oven when he has it on cheers xx

Have you asked your GP to refer you to dietitian as an extra meal supplement may help you to gain a few pounds, it worked for me and I was still able to eat small meals as well, it's worth a try.

I had Fortisip, which comes in many flavours.

Good luck.

Thank you I will next time I seehim

Dear Time_2_drink, It was unsettling to have my 'bottom' vanish. I lost 30 pounds in less than six months! My doctor is wonderful man & I am grateful that he was able to give my illness a name; COPD. But he is not a weight gaining adviser like most doctors. I did my research: COPD-Mayo Clinic; Cleveland Clinic & any other links that popped up:

As many small meals during the day: I am an early riser Cup of Strong coffee in the morning. Cup of oatmeal with berry fruit; cup of yogurt with fruit; english muffin with peanut butter [as much as I can eat while watching the news... ] BOOST OR ENSURE mid morning & Last drink at night is Boost Dark Chocolate. I heat it. Mid day: Can of Creamy Soup adding in pasta or eat with toast. I heat a "Lean Cruise" or Weight Watcher meal as a base to a scrambled eggs or two. I keep cups of yogurt & apple sauce in refrig.- When shopping I buy what ever Lean Cruise or Weight watcher on sale - and then add whatever to bulk it up. Yogurt with fruit, nuts is good for the gut. Nothing has to be in massive portion - but enough to keep you fueled. Ginger Tea & honey will help whenever. A second small cup of coffee during the afternoon is not the end of the world. No salt....no salt...no salt. No wine...no wine...no wine. I stop my meals at 4 - having the last Hot BOOST before I go to bed. It took me a while to get my food act together - I am mindful of what I need to do. If, you are up to it....a ten minute walk outside helps. I am not a 'nutter' about this- No, I needed to go back to work - so, I had to make a plan. Yes, the weight comes back on & the energy is slowing coming back on. Hope this helps. mary

Thanks unfortunately unable to go out no am litany oxygen and no energy

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