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Healthy Breathing-2

Thanks for all the posts of support. It was pointed out that yesterday's exercise healthy breathing, can also be carried out whilst sitting. This is very true and useful for those who find lying down uncomfortable. Sitting upright in a chair, head relaxed, but as if connected by a thread from the top of your head to the ceiling. Hands relaxed on thighs, one tip is to try and imagine you have tennis balls under your arm-pits, so you open up your chest cavity, try to avoid being closed up. Feet flat on the floor, allowing the acupuncture point Yongquan (Bubbling Well) to be connected/routed to the earth. Breath as described yesterday. You can of course do this if sitting at a computer or desk - break-off for 5 mins.

Today - Holding the Dantien

I mentioned that we will be dealing with the Dantien throughout several of these exercises. Located 1 to 2 inches below your navel.

Standing this time, relaxed, feet shoulder width apart, back straight, shoulders relaxed (very important for sedentary people and not always easy to achieve), eyes softly focussed.

Men place left hand on Dantien with right hand covering left - Ladies Vice-versa. Bring your mind to this area and try and feel warmth generated from the acupuncture point on your palm-Laogong which relates to the heart, circulation and the release of negative energy. In this position Laogong connects with acupuncture point called Qihai that relates to the Dantien.

Relax your whole body, slowly bend your knees and exhale, keep your back straight and try not to let your knees collapse inwards.

Slowly straighten your legs and inhale through your nose slowly and deeply whilst rising.

Coordinate breathing to the movement, lungs empty at lowest point and filled when body feels tallest.

Top tip. Place the tip of your tongue behind your two front teeth. It bridges the gap between two major channels - more on that later.

Relax and enjoy the feeling.

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Thanks Tryfan .....I have been practising the first two exercises will try number 3 .


Thanks again for today's class Tryfan ! This one is a little bit harder but I shall be trying first thing tomorrow morning.



Thanks again Tryfan - great exercises


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