Hi all. This site is amazing. The welcome and the advice I have had is so refreshing from the usual "oh u smoke ". Well got a wee update . Thanks to the replies I received on my last post I arranged to see another doctor at my practice. I explained what the last doc said to me and that I felt I needed an inhaler for as and when needed. She read up on the notes and the test results. Sounded out my chest and my heart and asked me loads of questions . Finally she gave me sabutamol inhaler to take in the morning and when needed during the day. And to go back in a few weeks to see how things are going. So thank you all for the advice. I would normally have went by the doctors word but this time I'm glad I didn't.

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  • That's good news. Glad you got a more sympathetic doctor this time and I hope that the Salbutamol does the trick. Works for me. XXX

  • Thank you pam.so do I. Took a puff of it this morning as was feeling breathless after being outside in this cold air. Do you feel bad when the weather is really cold ?

  • Cold weather always makes me more breathless. Just done over an hour and a half in the gym and was fine, went out into the cold air and bingo, lol. Try putting a scarf or something round your mouth to warm the air. XXX

  • Hope the inhaler helps you. Take care xxxxxx

  • Great news

  • Hi cough_cough, I hope this helps, it should I don't understand why you never got that in the first place it's normally the first thing you get given a reliever the blue inhaler did you get a preventer as well or just the blue inhaler. Hopefully this will help you,

    Take care Loraine x

  • It was the blue inhaler I got. May get another one when I go back in a couple of weeks for a check to see how I am getting on with it. X

  • Good for you. Sometimes you have to keep pushing otherwise you get left behind.

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