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I was diagnosed as ABPA on top of my usual asthma and am prescribed with Vaicono-azole Accord 200mg - one twice a day. My asthma is well controlled and my breathing is breathing is acceptable with a slight sob - but - my legs have swollen badl y up to my knees and slightly beyond, making i t difficult to bend my legs. Has anyone else had this reaction ? Despite halving the dosage and taking Furosemide prescxibed b y my loc??al GP there has been no change.........???????????????????

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The swollen legs sound painful. Perhaps you should see your GP about them.

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read my message again !!!!!


If there has been no change my advice would remain that you consult your GP again.


MrsM is right. I had to stop taking Furosemide because it caused water retention and my legs swelled. I had to be changed to a different water tablet. Go see your GP and let him know.


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