Inhad to go into hospital news year eve as so breathless. My sats were very low and I had a bad pseudamonis infection. I have bronxiectasis and copd. They put me on oxygen and I have come home on oxygen although I had never had before. Will this oxygen just be temporary till the lung improves and how long does it usually take to recover. I am 58. Thank you

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  • Hi

    Surprised it was not fully explained, are you on long term oxygen therapy 15 hrs or more per day , or Ambulitory oxygen only when moving around.

    There is so much to discuss and decide when you go on oxygen to make sure it's suitable and you are happy with the equipment.

  • Hello ol-ly,

    this is a question you'll need to ask your Respiratory team. Oxygen is a medication, prescribed for different lengths of time and at different flow rates according to the patient's needs. In 2014 I was on oxygen for 16/24 hours and now I have about 20 minutes, though can have more. It may be too soon for them to say, but I think you need to be having conversations with them.

    I hope you're getting on all right with it and are feeling the benefits.

    Take care, Sue x

  • Thank you. I have been put on it at the moment as my sats kept dropping with and after my bad peeudamonis infection. I have it 24/7. I had not had oxygen before. I actually only have 1 lung that works and I think they are hopping that as I get over infection my sats will settle. They have settled while sat down to 92-96, but still dropping when moving although a bit better. I am also very breathless. I have been home 4 weeks and I am much stronger and can do more. I do have an assessment in a couple of weeks with the oxygen people so guess we will see. I just wondered how long it takes to get well. I have been told weeks / a lot of weeks! Wow Watford girl that is amazing how much you used to be on to what on now! What is your secret and I must do. Many thanks.

  • That made me laugh! Thank you 😊. There's no secret - I was just lucky that as I got better, in some ways anyway, my oxygen levels came back up. They do drop but recover quickly. It's a game full of mysteries, isn't it? Good luck x

  • How long did it take for your oxygen levels to come back up. They have told me a long time is more months. I am due to go to Cornwall in April and they told me that was a reasonable time but may take longer? My sats are now good on rest ie 92-97 but drop on walking even in house, but recover in about 1 minute. Can you just give me a guide line how long it took your sats to improve. Many thanks.. Mandy

  • I'm not going to be of much help to you, Mandy. I was admitted with severe dehydration - long story - and while I was in the found I had CO2 retention. My CO2 levels were right up but my O2 was right down, in 80s at rest, in 70s when I was asleep. I have a BiPAP machine and things improved slowly. I reduced the O2 I was having in the day, without asking!,and oximetry over night just over a year later showed I didn't need it at night.

    But you have problems because of infection. I've been told it takes up to about six weeks for breathing to recover after an infection has cleared. It will help you if you can increase your mobility a bit and do more, with oxygen.

    Ask any questions if you think I can help, but I'm afraid I can't predict what your breathing will be like in April. It's going in the right direction! x

  • Thank you so much. I have only been just under 4 weeks. I went to pulmonary rehab last year so I am doing those exercises, not quite up to the 3 mins per exercise but gradually increasing. I have definitely improved in those weeks. Once again thank you and I will let you know if I think of anything else! Mandy

  • Was going to ask about PR. It sounds as though you're doing really well. Sue x

  • Thank you. Very rude of me haven't asked how you are.

  • Not rude at all! I'm ok, thanks. Battling on.

  • Hi, this oxygen stuff confuses me a bit, I am waiting for assessment by the community respiratory team for ambulatory oxygen but no one seems to be worried about it unless I am in clinic and then they run around like headless chickens trying to admit me cos sats. are down around the mid 80's? When home and resting I get 90- 94 but even going to the loo (ground floor, short walk) pushes that down. If they worry in clinic then why aren't they so worried about it when I'm back home? Will I suffocate more easily in hospital ? Makes I wonder if it's a case of out of sight out of mind!

  • I got assessed as was in hospital and the respiratory nurse who know me well put in to begin with in case I needed at home as sats were bad nearly all the time. Now my sats are good on rest again, but drop on movement. I hope you get seen soon. Try phoning your respiratory team and asking them.

  • Mmmmfirst thing Monday I think, was on oxygen in hospital in Nov. With pnuemonia and pleurisy But weaned off before coming home. Have had diagnoses since then and all the usual tests. Maybe I'm just a bit impatient but life feels like it's in slow mo.

  • It's probably not enough available staff, Ccupcakes. My last home visit was a year overdue.

    Keep politely pestering! Sue x

  • Wow , a year? Now I definitely think I'm impatient!!

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