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Fed up

Well having been ill since the middle of Nov and having had shingles and pneumonia to say I'm fed up is an understatement just started my 12 lot of antibiotics, gping to see my London Dr on Friday, just know he is going to be unhappy but will have a call on ,Monday from him ,just hate the winter every year is the same stuck in and only allowed out if I have to ,but then tbh I don't really feel well enough to do anything at all has anyone on here used salt lamps as I'm told they are good snd I'm thinking of getting a couple but don't want to waste my money so any help would be appreciated val

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Hi sorry you have been so ill. I too had peunmonia In November was in hospital for 3 days. And discharged with week worth of abs steroids and painkillers. Then 2 weeks later handed in a sputum sample and found out I had a bug. I don't use salt lamps. But I know a few people who do and they fund them helpful. Take care


Poor you hope that the salt lamp works for you, haven't tried them but had shingles about 18 months ago its very painful.xx


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