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Ha ha another oxygen complication

Hubby has a concentrator kept in dining room. Dining room now known as equipment room with this, cylinders, wheelchair,walker, bits and bobs, nebuliser etc. We haven't used it for months and a quick dust and Hoover is the most I have done. Found some bits on floor a few days ago and then some more. The chairs nearest the concentrator have leather backs and seats and this has dried up and split. It is not the heat I don't think because we have other chairs close to a storage radiator with no problems over many years. Just yet another thing to be aware of!

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Be aware - if you use a room in your home for this type of storage you can often claim a reduction in rates.


Thanks I didn't know that

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My council gave me a rate relief (took the property down a band) because I store a wheelchair and spare oxygen cylinders in a bedroom and this means it cannot be used as a bedroom.


Perhaps stone-UK can find a link?



No information on storage.

Council tax relief used for.

A room - other than a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory - which is predominantly used (whether for providing therapy or otherwise) by the disabled person and is required especially for meeting their needs

A second (i.e. additional) bathroom or kitchen which is required for meeting the needs of the disabled person

Extra space inside the property to allow the disabled person to move around from room to room in a wheelchair. This means that the wheelchair must be used indoors by the disabled person.

That's from my council.

Others may be different.

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