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Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone can help me. I have had asthma my entire life, former smoker. Early 50s. Three years ago I was okay, then pow. I just got out of the hospital for the 11th time last week. I was told I had the beginning of copd three years ago. Now I am being told end stage. I dont use oxegyn, I am not short of breath, I wake up feeling asthmatic, but always have. I live upstairs, walk, play with my 12 year old, can shop all or museum all day. its all good until its not. the only common element I can see in most of my attacks is stress. I walk into the hospital most times. How can this be end stage copd? I seem to become sicker once i am admitted, once the steroids start to be more accurate. What the steroids do to me is more terrifying than not breathing.

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  • I doesn't sound like end stage to me,you sound fit and well. Don't worry you keep doing what you are doing, It sounds to me like you are a very positive person. Keep in touch .love Bernadette 😊 xxx

  • Thank you Bernadette, I try to stay positive but it gets difficult at times.

  • i agree with damon , I wouldn't worry to much in the stage thing you sound quiet fit , I'm classed as stage three but you can do a lot more than me and I'm 10 years younger ,

  • Its weird, this last hospital stay, I walked into the er and the next thing I know its 8 days later and I am in ICU. My mother had been notified to prepare for the worst. I think it has something to do with the steroids. I have extreme steroid induced psychosis. no prior history of mental or addiction problems. It is the most terrifying experience I have ever known, sinister. Anything over 80 and I begin to blackout, I have no control.

  • Hi Crissy, a friend of mine also experienced a psychotic incident when she was on high dose of steroids in ICU. It seems prednisolone isn`t for everyone. Sheila x

  • ..Oh dear , I really would love to know who cooked up the phrase regarding " STAGES" in any illness, - it really is a depressing word = " STAGE " , all it does is emphasise a "Movement " towards the ultimate " Stage " = DEATH !! , and to be told of this " Measurement " is hardly going to cheer the Patient up !! - and as we are all different , the word really is meaningless ... I have seen a number of Doctors, and Consultants in the last ten years, , and not one of them has ever mentioned the word " STAGE " ..nor do I wish to know of their , and doubt differing interpretation of what " Stage " I might mean anyway, ! , and to end on a cheerful note, a pal of mine fourteen years older than me, was told eighteen years ago , that he was " NEARING THE FINAL = WAIT FOR IT FOLKS = " STAGE " OF HIS CANCER !!! - so much for the word " Stage " - and he's got more dam energy than I have ...!

  • Sounds still more like you still have asthma or an earlier stage of copd .I would def get a second opinion ,xx

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