Unknown DNA mutations SO guess i can say what i like

Unknown DNA mutations SO guess i can say what i like

Well till Sciance or DNA research proves me wrong.

Today been looking at funky SNP and DNA GENES.

Been doing lot of head scratching :)

But this is my WONDERING's given unknowns on my DNA SNP's & GENES

Is CTFR mutation x chromosome link and could is granulomatous disease linked to cystic fibrosis allies x chromosome.

We are talking about

Gene SNP's AR-CGD, CYBB, CYBA - rs4673, 855B, ΔF508


No wonder my heads in clouds half the time Is very complicated for inner city boy from the slums :o


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It's all very complicated indeed JAS and l wouldn't know where to begin. As always l wish you well and hope you get some answers. Xxxxx

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If only DNA stuff was as easy as slashing bottom of sofa to see if this any thing in it.

Guess if it was would all be scientist lol

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