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Tai Chi Breathing Pls read this first

Hi Everyone.

I mentioned the other day in a post that I found "Tai Chi breathing" exercises very helpful. These exercises are part of the health giving side of Tai Chi called Chi gong. Several of you kindly commented that you would like to understand more, and possibly try out the techniques for yourselves.

Warnings. Firstly, and most importantly, I make no claim whatsoever as to the personal benefit/improvement anyone person will gain. Secondly, although Chi Gong is a gentle exercise. I don't know you individually, and therefore have no knowledge of your individual capabilities. Therefore, as with any exercise regime it comes with its own health warning. If you are in anyway unsure of your own capabilities or limits seek medical guidance first.

Having stated those facts. I speak from personal experience, that Tai Chi-Chi Gong has helped me and has helped many others.

Due to limitations on space on these posts, I will tomorrow (if agreed with the admin staff who rightly manage and control posts like these) start by giving some background on the Chinese philosophy surrounding Tai Chi. This will be followed by three basic Tai Chi breathing exercises. If people want more -such as exercises designed to lift spirits and improve mood (see warnings above) and subject to admin agreement. I will write on these.

Hope this meets with your approval.

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Hi there's lots of info on the internet about Tai Chi. YouTube has lots of exercises to follow if you are interested.

Take care 🌺


The problem I find Jessy is that the good stuff on the Internet is mixed in with the not so good and the absolutely awful, so knowing which to trust does not always come easily. :(


Yes you are right. Not a good idea to embark on exercise like this without first consulting your GP or more harm than good can be done.

My friend is a qualified Tai Chai instructor & I am taking my advice from her.

Good luck to anyone wanting to take part but do so with caution 🌺


Tai Chi is a great way to get fitter!😁


I will be joining you, Tryfan. :)


Looking forward to getting started, Tryfan :-)


I start tai chi classes Thursday next week to regain core strength and breathing exercises


To those who are starting Tai Chi classes, or have just started. Good luck and best wishes. Remember in stillness be like the pine tree, in movement ge like clouds and water


Thanks Tryfan - perfect timing as I am currently looking at a Tai Chi club in the area which has reasonable rates. Look forward to your next post(s).


Can anyone answer what is a registered tai chi instructor? Registered with who? I studied tai chi for a few years and always understood there was no grading system, no belts like karate. Tai Chi is not something that can be graded, its a way of living, breathing movement etc. I believe if your taking classes that are teaching you to wave your arms around in a nice pattern then your not really doing tai chi, however if you probably spent weeks learning how to stand correctly and learning how to breath and walk again etc then just maybe your onto someone who knows what they are talking about. Breathing is movement and movement is breathing. Correct alignment and posture e.g. Circle theory etc and understanding how to open certain meridians and points are what enables the flow of chi energy. Intention of the mind but not forcing anything or using muscles. That's my experience anyway, but intrigued to know what people mean by qualified or registered?


H Sjtaylorni

Hope this post finds you well.

Not sure if you are in the UK or not. In the UK most Tai Chi classes fall under the auspices of Tai Chi Union of Gt Britain. Your correct in the conclusions you draw viz a viz Karate. Unlike Karate and other forms of Martial Arts Judo, Kendo etc. Tai Chi falls into two main classes of discipline Martial and Health. Though to be a proficient Martial practitioner you have to understand and be competent in the Chi Gong or health aspects.

Tai Chi styles usually follow a family tradition eg, the two main styles practised in the UK are Chen and Yang style. Which have been passed down through the generations. Usually the "family" have the Master or Grand Master who stands overall to promote and enhance the purity of the knowledge. Master's often travel the world training and teaching. Again, more often than not it is at these sessions that individuals who have pursued the knowledge and demonstrate the skills are given the titles of Sifu or trainer.

The Tai Chi union of Gt Britain also monitors and approves coaches who wish to operate under their umbrella.

Unlike your example of Karate, you can just train for the health benefits usually called Chi Gong or healthy movement, without having to study the martial aspects.

Tai Chi in both martial and health promote the learning of forms similar to the Kata's in Karate. Registered clubs will hold their own grading sessions (some may even award stripes or sashes) but this I feel is falling out of fashion.

My only advice to anyone thinking of joining a club. Go for a few trial lessons and see if it suits your requirements and needs. You will know when you have found your "home", it just happens.

Hope this helps. Good luck and best wishes.


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