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Been diagnosed with grade 3 copd it was confirmed by lung function test 6 weeks ago. At the minute I'm of work sick with another condition. My question is who has been deemed unfit to work by their occy health due to having copd and what work did you do. I work in a hospital and I'm attending occy health appointment in 2 weeks. Many thanks Angie

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  • Hi I once applied for a domestic job had to see OH befor they would offer me the job the person I saw said she would recommend I just worked part time.

  • Thanks for reply I work full time but off sick with other conditions non related to copd .hoping for long term sick or part time know I can't do full time as exhausted

  • By law they have to take your conditions into account. And do what is best for you. Hope your appointment goes well. Let us know how you get on. Xx

  • Hi Angiecbr I have stage 4 copd you must of had it for some time most people are diagnosed at stage 1 or 2 some one on hear did a lung function test and came out at 80% so stage 3 to 4 is classed at severe.

    I would not recommend you work in a office with stage 3 winter with all the colds a bugs going around you are putting yourself in a very vulnerable position

  • I knew I had it just avoided it and tried to ignore it to be honest. The day of diagnosis I gave up smoking and I know will never go back to them... the thing is my docs nurses tell me I don't portray it as I walk work out and only on one inhaler as well as salamol which I use as and when but thanks for advice xx

  • Its very easy to ignore what's staring you in the face deep down I knew I had copd. Well done for giving up smoking the best thing you can do and the exercise will help you loads I swim.

  • I have copd and told am unfit for work I was a sopport worker

  • Wow what stage are you at

  • Am stage 4

  • Awww I'm sorry to hear that

  • Thank you its hard for me cos I hsve worked all my life and to not be able to work is very hard

  • Everyone is at different stages and it is up to the person wether they work or not. I was dx with COPD in 2006 and kept on working And only stopped when I had to move house and had to give my job up that was 2 years ago And recently been dx with a few autoimmune disorders .

  • A lot will depend on how old you are and you should be aware that medical retirement is VERY difficult to get employers to agree to!

    Yes occupational health will make suggestions and can be helpful especially if you want to work part time. I found Occ Health VERY helpful in that area.

    The Equality Act states employers need to make 'reasonable adjustments'. But again some employers will state they have done everything to make work ok for you but it just isn't viable!

    In that instance you can be dismissed on capability grounds! In other words yes you can be dismissed due to health and NOT get your pension!!

    Sorry to be pessimistic but you need to be aware of this. I would strongly recommend that if you are in a union that you keep them informed, so they can support you if necessary.

    Having said that Equality Act and reasonable adjustments has meant I AM remaining in work (currently) albeit on a part time basis. I work in social services. Management WOULD like me to increase my hours but currently it isn't viable.

    Hope you get appropriate support.

  • Hi Bevvy all reasonable adjustments are subject to business needs, As long as they make the ones they can (or will) they are covered under the law. A lot of it is lip service.

    You generally aren't dismissed due to illness, but rather because you are not fulfilling your contract by being at work. That is usually the reason employers will give. x

  • My job isn't the kind of job you can limit anything on to be honest. I'm with unison and before I went sick with another condition I had only been employed with them 6 weeks. I can shorten hours for sure but the atmosphere and workload would be the same x

  • I hear what you are saying and DO understand. I think am in similar position to you. Officially I work part time but that doesn't stop management piling on the work!!

    I have noticed a later comment from you about leaving and getting another job. Maybe try to get another job whilst still in work? otherwise employers can be suspicious! Maybe you can find a new job in hospital or NHS? Occ Health and union could assist with re-deployment.

    Because you are a member of Unison seek their advice!

  • Hi Angie,

    The point made by onamission, above, needs to be taken into consideration. It is a very individual decision as to whether you can manage full time working. I am at stage 3 and still working full time in engineering as well as exercising. A big BUT, fortunately I am self employed and cannot be fired etc.

    I found it hard going at first but it has got easier over time as I have learned to cope. I nearly gave up working as I have reached retirement age, but very soon after diagnosis I found out that an active lifestyle is desirable so persevered and so pleased I did. Had I given up at the time it would have been extremely difficult to go back.

    So think hard about your decision. Think about what you are going to do instead, with any extra spare time. A course of Pulmonary Rehabilitation will help you develop more stamina as well as teach you breathing exercises and how to manage your condition, well worth doing.

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation has not been mentioned to me can you give me more information. I am unhappy in my work place and looking to get out not to stop but need a break from work for a while it's hard to explain

  • Ask your GP about a referral to PR but meanwhile try YouTube because there are several very good videos of exercises that will help. Search under pulmonary exercises.

  • You need to ask your GP to refer you to PR it is a 6 week course exercise and education on COPD. I have been on 3

  • I was shepherd /stockman I had a spinal fusion done in 2006 consultant didn't want me to go back to work i was 31 at the time i had already been off 2 years before the op ,I was diagnosed with emphysema in 2011 I was already on incapacity I'm now stage three I had a dwp medical last year to transfer me to esa most of the questions were about the breathing , I was put in the support group , it was a proper doctor who done my medical,

  • Gosh that's young for a fusion ..I'm sorry to hear that I am 58 and diagnosed 6 weeks ago gave up the fags the day of diagnosis should of went for test before hey ho ..just been for a 3km walk in the snowy flurry loved it x

  • I put of going for a long time knew something was wrong but didn't want to admit it before finally being diagnosed it was only nagging from the mrs why I went ,

  • What Meds are you on and exercise etc it's hard in the first stages of acceptance to think where do I go and what do I do lol

  • I'm on fostair 2 puffs twice a day , seebri once a day , Ventolin as went needed , montelukast once aday , have a nebuliser with Ventolin nebs prescribed but only use that when really bad mostly when have a chest infection , also have rescues antibiotics and steroids to keep at home for if I get a chest infection , also on morphine but that's for back pain , when first diagnosed all I was given was Ventolin

  • exercises I do is walking the dogs and pottering round the garden doing bits , did do a pulmonary rehab course that gives different exercises to do at home as well

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