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I have been on prednisone for over two years at varying doses for the last 2 +mnths at 15mg My respiratory dr has run tests the last few months and has said I don't need the prednisone , my problem is every time I try to decrease below 15mg I find that I'm very short of breath and panic.

Has anyone else experienced this ? I have spoken to him about this and he assures me I don't need them and to taper , my last lung function came back the best it's been in years

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Hi Quinny, a doctor at our local hospital tried to get Pete to take less than his 10mg per day. He found that he couldn't get due beyond the 10 season has been left as he is. Whatever works best for you. Xxxxxx


Hi, I always found if I went under 15mg I would end up with a chest infection and back on 40mg , could just be coincidence but my consultant said that he would like me to try and stop them due to the side effects , lol i have had asthma since i was 4 years old and I have most of the side effects anyway. They are the only thing that helpd when you cant breath.

But if you really don't need them it could be worth a try. Like everything our bodies become imunne to things as well.

Good luck

Loraine x


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